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MC Serch of Far Rockaway has many stories to tell about the early days of hip-hop / rap music.

“Hip-Hop from the Rock,” is the all-new column from the former 3rd Bass rapper and executive producer behind Nas’ double album, Illmatic, which takes a look at the history and overall impact that the neighborhood has made. had on culture.

Michael Berrin, known to music lovers as “MC Serch”, was born and raised in Far Rockaway. He’s not only a long-time Wave subscriber, but now his “Hip Hop From The Rock” column appears weekly in The Wave. Photo by MC Serch.

“[It] is a column that follows in the tradition of this great newspaper, telling the story of our neighborhood within Hip-Hop / Rap music, the greatest genre of music in the world, ”said Serch. “Members of our community have played a key role. Men and women in the culture of yesterday and today and I want to be able to offer them their flowers.

Serch retired from performing to focus on his family and eventually found a promising radio career for himself. He was approached by MTV in 2007 to host the reality show “Ego Trip’s The White Rapper Show,” and in 2014 he became the star of his own daytime talk show on CBS.

His podcast, “Serch Says,” was launched in 2020 with the goal of becoming “The Howard Stern of Hip-Hop,” a title he says was bequeathed to him on Tom Green’s podcast.

“Howard is one of my heroes. His interview skills, the way he finds amazing things about his topics and the way an interview turns into a conversation is something I strive to become, ”said Serch. “So the podcast is really an extension of it. I talk to people I love and respect like Chris Rock, Jon Cryer, Method Man, Kamai Bell, Roger Clemens and we talk.

Serch set up his Timeless Podcast Company, which HipHopDX.com said struck a deal with The Orchard and Sony just over a year ago, and serves as an extension to tell meaningful unique stories with a original programming like “Did I Ever Tell You The One About…” on the life and times of Big Daddy Kane.

In his very first column with The Wave, MC Serch spoke about the late Shock G of The Digital Underground, who created one of the most memorable rap tracks of all time, “The Humpty Dance” and introduced the world to to the music of Tupac Shakur.

Serch says Far Rockaway has a rich history in hip-hop culture and wants to tell the stories of local artists like the late Chinx Drugz. Photo by Brad Barket.

Serch will not limit himself to speaking only of the “old school” either. He is always a big fan of discovering new artists and supporting their music.

“I’m not someone who is going to stand aside and say how bad new music is today!” and “the music of my day is so much better,” Serch tells The Wave. “I love meeting new artists and one of them was Bobby J from Rockaway… playing it on my podcast was a real highlight.”

Serch says he loves meeting new artists, like Rockaway’s Bobby J, a promising rapper.

To listen to the “Serch Says” podcast, be sure to tune in every Wednesday from 10 p.m. to midnight, available on all streaming platforms, and be sure to follow The Wave for more “Hip Hop From The Rock” every week in The Wave.

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