The Flash sends another original actor in a wacky way

Carlos Valdes

Carlos Valdes
Photo: Bettina Strauss (The CW)

Cisco Ramon’s farewell tour finally ends with “Good-Bye Vibrations”, who mostly manages to find the right tone for his farewell. There are sentimental moments, because it is Flash and that will always be part of the package. But it’s not an anguished start, nor an attempt at a heartbreaking final arc in which Cisco sacrifices himself to save the team / city / multiverse (although he briefly feigns in that direction). At its best, Cisco brought humor and heart equally to Team Flash, and that’s how he parted ways with it.

Cisco’s announcement that he’s taking a job at Argus in Star City certainly doesn’t stop Carlos Valdes from making an occasional guest appearance, and at first, that doesn’t seem to bother him. the rest of the Flash team at all. Instead of the tearful goodbyes he expects, Cisco usually receives an indifferent response, with the exception of Chester, who is thrilled to be introduced to the STARchives, the home of the fast treadmill, Captain Cold’s gun, the chair of the thinker and other artifacts from seasons past.

A chance for the OG Team Flash (minus Thawne / Wells, of course) to resolve one final case arises when Rainbow Raider 2.0 strikes. Carrie Bates is a former debt collector who uses her meta powers to instill euphoria in people, as she demonstrates on a loan officer who happily writes a check for $ 10 million to cash. It turns out Rainbow Raider 2.0 is awesome; he is a modern-day Robin Hood who steals an airship in order to deposit money and jewelry on the poor of Central City. It’s a little hard for our heroes to root for in this storyline, although Barry tries to fix it by having her serve her sentence as part of the Mayor’s Economic Development Team. (Is that one thing? Can The Flash fix that? Okay!)

The villain isn’t really the point of the episode, just a way for Cisco to express his feelings about not feeling appreciated and for Carlos Valdes to get really awkward once again. When Cisco is hit by Rainbow’s flashes of euphoria, he begins to sing, dance, and send cat memes to Barry’s Flash costume as he tries to fight crime. Barry is zapped too, and soon he’s back at STAR Labs laughing and dancing at high speed. Whenever Grant Gustin has one of those rare opportunities to break free from Mopey Barry and break loose, he looks truly liberated. Barry Allen’s characterization on the show really locked him up, and it takes moments like this to show how disappointing he is.

Jesse L. Martin, Grant Gustin

Jesse L. Martin, Grant Gustin
Photo: Bettina Strauss (The CW)

Chester proves his usefulness to the revamped Team Flash by using Cisco technology to create a device that will stop Rainbow long enough for Barry to put it on, but it’s up to Cisco as Mecha-Vibe to save the day by piloting the airship. towards security. It’s no surprise that the rest of the team liked him after all, but was content to show courage to make their separation less painful. In his last minutes at STAR Lab we get a quick edit of classic Cisco moments from recent seasons (including its name from many Flash Thieves), and it’s a rare moment to feel the weight of all the years the show has aired.

So let’s raise a glass to Carlos Valdes. His commitment to the show may have been uneven over the past two years, but who could blame him? Cisco was one of the key ingredients when Flash was at its best, and Valdes’ sympathy and comedic timing was a big part of it. The best scene is in store for last, as Cisco gives away a few of his prized Comicon t-shirts for the gang to remember. After that, it’s karaoke time, with Cisco, Barry, Caitlin and even Joe teaming up for a rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”. It feels like a scene straight out of a closing night of seasons past, a tribute to both the character and the actor, and the best send off because the true camaraderie is palpable. Carlos and Cisco, we will both miss you.

Stray observations

  • Oh, and Kamilla is leaving too. Does anyone have a favorite Kamilla moment? It’s certainly not Victoria Park’s fault that the writers never really got to grips with this character in a memorable way.
  • “You suck forever but I love you anyway.” Frost is really a softie under it all.
  • Carrie Bates is a reference to the DC Comics Car writery Bates, who wrote numerous issues of Flash, including one from 1979 in which Iris is killed.
  • Next week: Cécile’s scary shenanigans.

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