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New York (AP) – Christian Siriano on Tuesday during the first major pandemic cycle of New York Fashion Week, with Katie Holmes and Lil’Kim in the front row and singer Marina at Mike on the runway. Helped start the face-to-face show in a hurry, partly inspired by all the Italian women in her life, neon and racial.

Beneath the stained-glass skylight 70 feet above glamorous Gotham Hall, Scigliano’s commitment to waist inclusivity never grows stronger as the salon opens and closes with the model of Preciously plus size escape. does not have. She first walked in a gorgeous yellow pantsuit with wide, baggy pants, an asymmetrical jacket and a matching cropped bra underneath.

His crowd has grown from his usual 800 guests to 300 due to the pandemic, Siriano has said he wants The Associated Press to appeal to today’s dark times. It reminded me of an old photo of my paternal grandmother, who was on vacation in Positano on the Amalfi Coast in Italy from the 1960s to the 1970s. He was wearing vintage sunglasses on some of the models wearing bright yellow dresses , sunset orange, emerald green and dresses with large ruffles on the sleeves and bulbous skirts.

Fashion week is back. He feels good. New York is feeling good, ”he said. Kristin Chenoweth, Alicia Silverstone and Muse Coco Rocha are also in the front row.

He said the pandemic had caused fits of nostalgia for many, including himself. He remembered an apricot polka dot dress among his grandmother’s favorites.

“She’s still alive at the age of 101,” Siriano said. “I just felt it, and it has the charm that I love. I was surrounded by women who dressed every day. It was lipstick. It was the hairstyle and makeup every day.

He wanted this spring-summer collection to be “very powerful and powerful” as well as sexy.

It barely looked like tight black lace, a little bra top paired with loose pants and skirt, and a sexy dress with a notch from the neck to the calf. When Marina sang from the platform at the end of the runway, models of all sizes also paraded in a classic black and white evening look, featuring a single, asymmetrical long-sleeved dress and bare belly slices. The other looks were adorned with vertical wings.

“I like it. I miss it,” he said of his dramatic touch and Old World charm. “I think that’s what people lack in fashion. have friends who go to birthdays and want dresses, it’s very interesting to see what we were missing.

Fashion is now “in a really tough place,” said Scigliano.

“Business is really tough everywhere. It is far from what people were looking for. But luckily, for our world, people are really looking for this ambitious piece. They are spending there more than ever. My best friend just got married. She called off the wedding three times. I made her the biggest dress I could possibly make for her. She wanted it. She was a curvy girl, pregnant and something I didn’t care about. “


New York Associated Press video producer Gina Abdy contributed to the story.


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