Congratulations are in order! Baddest B * tch will soon become a Mrs. now that Trina has shared that she is engaged. The rap icon keeps a low profile when it comes to her personal relationships, but she gave the world a glimpse into her private life as she featured on Love and hip-hop in Miami. On the show, fans saw that she was in a relationship with Raymond Taylor, a rapper named Ray Almighty, and it looks like they’re going to jump in.

Trina was speaking with Stormy Wellington, a popular social media influencer and life coach, when she broke the good news to the world – and the rapper showed off her massive engagement ring.

Trina and Ray were good friends before Trick Daddy’s ex-wife and classmate Joy Love & Hip Hop Miami star, plugged them in. The couple have been together for five years, and Ray has occasionally shown his face on the VH1 reality series. He regularly posts photos of Trina and in May he wrote on Instagram: “She got high this time around and landed in orbit of my planet. This gravitational pull has her stuck now.”

Congratulatory messages have poured in for the rapper and his beau as fans wonder whether or not we’ll see another Love & Hip Hop special wedding. You can see Trina showing off her massive engagement ring below.