Kids throw beans on doorsteps for TikTok

A batch of freshly made door leaves.

It is, as it always has been, impossible to say for sure whether the children are well or not. For every promising youngster, we hear from others who are setting or following social media trends about things like volunteering.i have diarrhea from eating frozen honey on camera. For every genius kid, there are plenty more who accidentally get fucked on nutmeg for the weight.

Now, in a trend quite admirable in its sheer stupidity, kids have created a TikTok challenge that involves filming yourself running to someone’s door and emptying cans of Beans above.

“Beaning” really is that easy. Those who participate sneak up with boxes of beans and, with hearts filled with joy from doing low-stakes nonsense, film themselves emptying said boxes on the porch or car of an unhappy person. it seems like like that. And like that. And, in a more involved form, like that. There really is nothing to do.

The Guardian reports this beaning has been around for about a month and has become “so widespread that the police had to intervene” with “alerts about beaning, urging people to watch for warning signs”. These signs, according to Leeds, UK police, cited in a recent press article, include “young people who buy large quantities of cans of beans” or “children who remove cans from the kitchen” of the family home.

Hopefully, exhausted parents and minimum wage retail workers across the world keep this warning in mind as the threat of spilled beans grows with each passing day. Otherwise, this trend is sure to escalate into utter anarchy until every windshield and door is inundated with delicious sauces and tasty morsels.

[via Boing Boing]

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