Meet Darius Bell AKA FlossMobChase Who Conquers The American Hip Hop World As A Passionate Rapper

Bell of Darius

He created an amazing music career while raising his son as a single parent.

When people talk about different industries, they never go by without mentioning the type of work and the level of passion young people have in any industry or field. These young talents really changed the game of the industries they chose to be in and brought a refreshing change to their niche, taking it to the next level. In the midst of these industries, how can we not mention the constant growth of the American music scene? The space, although quite saturated, some individuals have still managed to stand out by offering something unique to the public, to emerge as success stories in the same. This is exactly what a single father and extraordinary musical talent named Darius Bell, known by his stage name “FlossMobChase”, does.

Wondering who FlossMobChase is? Well, this passionate being felt a strong inclination for music from an early age and fulfilled his true calling. Entering an industry already filled with many talented and talented players was no easy feat for him. Yet, trusting his talents and believing in his passion, he still plunges deep into it. Today, FlossMobChase is a well-known American hip hop rapper from Chicago, IL.

He really made his way to the top and made a special place for himself in the vast American music scene as a rapper and hip hop artist. It really took off when he collaborated with longtime friend and fellow Chicago rapper Lil Bibby, appearing on Lil Bibby’s Free Crack. Soon FlossMobChase started releasing a series of singles via Soundcloud and listeners became addicted to its music. It also helped him gain recognition in hip hop magazines from 2015 to 2017.

The following year, FlossMobChase decided to release their first commercial single titled ‘High Risk’ with ChaseTheMoney, a rising producer from St. Louis. Currently, the rapper ace works with SauceManKeys, his childhood friend and fellow producer from Chicago and earlier this year they even released several singles.

What caught people’s attention the most was the fact that FlossMobChase, as a freelance artist, even got involved on his own label called “Token, LLC”. As a single parent, Darius Bell continued to inspire many other aspiring rappers and artists and made them believe in the power of true passion and determination.

For more, follow him on Instagram @flossmobchase.

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