Fashion Nova and Afterpay announce new partnership

By offering more payment options to buyers, Afterpay and Fashion Nova have teamed up in a new partnership that allows customers to purchase items they can enjoy immediately, while paying installments over time. Picture: after-payment.

After payment and New trend have teamed up to offer buyers a more flexible payment method. Customers who order from Fashion Nova online will be able to pay for their items at the checkout in four interest-free payments with Afterpay.

Fashion Nova joins Afterpay’s extensive network of nearly 100,000 retailers around the world which allows customers to receive their items immediately but allows interest-free payments over time. Sellers benefit from the highly engaged customer base that has grown to nearly 20 million in the past year, with 90% of orders placed by loyal customers.

The majority of Afterpay’s customer base consists of Gen Y and Gen Z, with the latter representing the fastest growing demographic on the platform. The partnership is an effort by the two companies to make fashion more accessible to young customers and is part of Fashion Nova’s values, accessibility and affordability.

“We’ve always taken pride in providing consumers with easy and affordable access to the hottest styles. Partnering with Afterpay further allows our customers to shop for their favorite looks in a way that is both transparent and convenient, ”said Fashion Nova Founder and CEO Richard Saghian.

Fashion Nova is a quick-to-market clothing and lifestyle brand that’s also popular with Millennials and Gen Z demographics. The brand has over 25 million social media followers and has collaborated with many celebrities and influencers.

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