G-Eazy steps up security after Fashion Week club brawl

G-Eazy has stepped up his security after his recent run-in with the law.

The rapper – who was arrested last month after fighting at a Fashion Week party at the Boom Boom Room – was spotted all over town this week with security in tow.

Eazy, who is promoting her new album “These Things Happen Too”, was seen getting a haircut at Michael Malbon’s Frank’s Chop Shop, then headed over to Sophie’s hip plunge into the East Village with “Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort, where he was seen playing pool.

“It was cold and crazy. He had security because he doesn’t want problems and waits for things to spill out, ”said one spy – which perhaps means“ to explode? “Paparazzi was waiting for him outside Sophie’s place, so the heat is on him right now. He needs security.

The “No Limit” performer was arrested and charged with assault last month after he and his entourage argued at the Top of the Standard at a fashion night. Cops told Page Six that “a 29-year-old man and a 32-year-old man reported being beaten by the accused.”

Sources exclusively told Page Six that socialite Daniel Chetrit – who is the son of real estate developer Joseph Chetrit and whose famous friends include Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid – needed stitches after being punched in the head with a bottle during the melee, although it’s unclear. whether it was G-Eazy or some other member of his group who hit him.

Eazy was reportedly in court on Friday, where he was ordered to stay away from the alleged victims. He is due back in court next month, reports TMZ.

This week, he was also spotted with bodyguards at the Soho Grand and Lamia Fish Market in the East Village. “He was having dinner in a private room with 20 of his friends,” said a source, who also noted, “He had two security guards with him. ”

G-Eazy – spotted above at a Saks Fifth Ave Fashion Week event – roamed the streets of New York City with tight security.
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He was later seen at Jonny Lennon’s GoldBar with hip-hop bands favorite bankruptcy lawyer Steve “Two Dollar” Reisman.

“G-Eazy had three huge bodyguards,” said a spy for the club. “They completely blocked his table.”

Reisman is known to hang out in rap circles with stars like Drake and Jay-Z, and tells us he doesn’t represent G-Eazy. They are just friends.

Later, G-Eazy and his team were seen hitting a karaoke spot in Koreatown.

This week, he also performed his song “Breakdown” with Demi Lovato on television to a series of headlines about his arrest in Sweden in 2018 for assault and drug possession. It didn’t feature any headlines about his latest fight.

He was also recently in Miami where he played at the “ultraclub”, E11even.

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