Hip-hop talent meet in Lynn

Members of the hip-hop collective Keep Moving Forward (KMF), top row from left, Matthew “Chew” Lerardi, Dennis “Limitless” Hernandez, Jay Moon, Eddie Smith, Jalil “Wst. Taylor “Taylor, Jordan” Ray Jones “Todd. Bottom row from left, Tommy” Teathetruth “Sarri, Khyel” KASHI2x “Mack, Tre” KMF Tre “Demontier, Tyler Lovett and DeQuan” Quan “Harris. (Vanessa Leroy)

LYNN – The Keep Moving Forward (KMF) artistic collective Lynn has spent the past year building their team of 10 to collaborate in creating music that expresses itself and showcases the city’s talent.

Everyone in this collective – which was created last year – is linked to Lynn, whether they grew up or settled there, and have always had a passion for creating music.

The members of the collective consist of Jay Moon, Wst. Taylor, KMF Tre, Quan, Tea, Chew, Tyler Lovett, Limitless, Kashi2x and Jordan Todd.

The name comes from Tre’s cousin, who told Tre to keep moving forward when he was going through a difficult time, which Tre says really resonated with him and encouraged him to start making music again.

During the creation of the collective, the members of the group realized that they were in the same boat, creating their own music and trying to diversify on the North Shore. After discovering their corresponding personalities and their common love for music, they decided to work together and create KMF.

“We started meeting new KMF members and everyone worked, like pieces of the puzzle coming together,” Tre said.

Through KMF, the collective hopes to work with other Lynn artists to help them advance in the music industry, while also sharing ideas about what they’ve learned and how to grow as an artist.

“We all know each other and we’ve all done this (music) individually, but we all bring something different to the table,” Limitless said.

Although they are all primarily solo artists, they work together in the studio and recently released their first collective project in the form of Keep Moving Forward.

They also visited New York City together to work at the Quad Recording Studio – where Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Busta Rhymes, Lil Baby and many more have gone – and shot a music video in Los Angeles.

“We all came together and made it happen and it made us believe more in ourselves,” Moon said. “Even the guys over there who work with the stars every day tell us we’ve got something, as we’re all Lynn watching Times Square from the recording studio. It was unreal.

This experience impacted the coalition’s perspective on their future in music, making them feel grateful for the opportunity and that they can keep pushing to do more.

“Everyone was so surprised and grateful for the whole experience,” Lovett said. “The only reason we make these things happen is because we came together as a group and supported each other to keep this going.”

The collective returned to Quad several times, which made it feel like a second home, and brought back what they learned to share with artists from Lynn and across the North Shore.

KMF has their own recording studio in Salem, where they work with other local artists who are not part of the collective to help them produce their own music.

KMF is actively seeking a location to open a studio in Lynn, with the goal of building their label’s headquarters there, so that KMF members can continue to work with artists from Lynn and bring them to Quad and others. large recording studios.

“I want to build this music hub not just for hip hop, but for all genres,” Moon said. “The main thing I wanted to do was help build the city. ”

Getting the chance to go to their studio and see people from Lynn who are passionate and talented is something the collective said they hope to encourage other local artists to pursue their dreams.

Music for the members of the collective has always been a way for them to express themselves, while being able to use their lyrics to speak for those who cannot.

One of their common music-making goals is to reach out and connect with those who are going through similar situations or who need a voice.

“KMF works with everyone and we see the whole city as KMF, because it’s Lynn’s business first and foremost,” Moon said. “Keep Moving Forward Lynn doesn’t just have to represent music, but can represent city life, the direction the city wants to go… and we just know we’re always going to accept everyone from Lynn who has talent and this driving force.

KMF has hosted live events at some member’s homes during their Backyard Boogies and is researching venues to schedule future performances. Find the collective on Instagram on kmflynnmusic and online at kmfsound.com.

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