Hip-hop artist Krazy Attitude’s latest track ‘I’ma Do My Thang’ is certainly his best composition

The latest addition to hip hop, Crazy attitude is back with his last track “I’ll do my thing”. Listen to this track with its others on Spotify.

Artist Crazy attitude is the latest addition to the music world. With his deep, efficient and upbeat approach to music, he created his latest song that pushed the boundaries of reggaeton music. The artist has beautifully combined reggae with hip-hop to create a unique piece of music through his song “I will do my Thang”. Showing off his versatility with the utmost perfection, the artist has been so successful in making melodic rap. In his effort to be unique as a hip-hop artist, he used melodic and joyful background music that constantly played along with his rap.

Krazy Attitude this song is effective in its way of giving positive vibes through the music. The song is indeed a motivation in his lyrics and the music is fun and joyful. To spread positivity through his art, he chose the words and rhetoric quite cleverly and placed them brilliantly to get his point across through his song. The song “I’ll do my thing” can make you feel the characteristics of 80s and 90s retro music, especially in the last lines of each part. His rap, however, touches all aspects of modern hip-hop music. Plus, he never seems to miss the beat of the song, which makes it so smooth and cohesive. THEN don’t miss the song, if you want to experience the true characteristics of hip-hop and reggae music. The song you can listen to on Spotify with his other songs like No Filter, ‘Something relaxing’ and ‘Karma’. Don’t forget to follow him on his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

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