London Journal: European Rival Festival opens new front in Brexit wars


RIVAL at the Brexit Festival is in the works. Organizers tell us the Festival of Europe will “celebrate our European identity” as the Brexit Festival, now called Unboxed, kicks off next summer.

But they face the challenge of convincing even the most convinced pro-Europeans that it will be fun. Femi Oluwole, right, political activist and co-founder of the pro-EU group Our Future Our Choice, tells us: “As for a celebration, I would have a hard time with that… All the things that create this special relationship between the UK Uni and the rest. from Europe were effectively cut off.

The Festival of Europe’s crowdfunding has so far raised just £ 2,510 of its £ 10,000 goal, but director Tamsin Shasha said the response from individuals and grassroots organizations has been good. It will feature music, movies, theater and food. Good luck.

When Grylls gave up on his advice …

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BEAR GRYLLS is a man whose motto is never to give up. But that sometimes gets him in trouble. The Londoner came across the intrepid adventurer and survivalist at the Modern English: Todhunter Earle Interiors book launch at Sotheby’s last night. He told us to “never give up outside of arguments about … smoking.” Grylls explained, “When my nephew was 16, I said, ‘You smoke a lot of cigarettes right now.’ He said, ‘You always told me, never give up.’ Cunning.

Gaga’s sympathy for the Gucci killer

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LADY GAGA wowed crowds at the House of Gucci premiere last night, but it was her thoughts on her character Patrizia Reggiani that caught the London woman’s ear. Gaga, on the left, struck a sympathetic note for Reggiani, saying “she just lost her mind”. Reggiani was convicted in 1998 of organizing the murder of her husband Maurizio Gucci after their marriage deteriorated. “We don’t always commit murder when these things happen,” Gaga added to Clara Amfo in Leicester Square. Quite.

Choice of games – Star Wars and Superdry

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GWENDOLINE CHRISTIE and Riz Ahmed partied last night at a fundraiser for the Sarabande Foundation in King’s Cross, though Christie had to perch on a table to be photographed with Ahmed. At Oxford Street, Gene and Lennon Gallagher, Molly Moorish and Brooklyn Beckham were joined at a Superdry party by Emma Weymouth and Pixie Lott.

Viewers were taken aback after Conservative leadership hopeful Rory Stewart removed his tie during the second round debate.


RORY STEWART “thinks all the time” about returning to politics and says he is tempted to run as an independent in the former seat of Owen Paterson. Stewart, who resigned as an MP in 2019, said last night at a Reaction event that Westminster’s ‘depressing’ culture of mockery and slavish loyalty turned him off.

WITH stories of MPs raising wads of cash with second jobs, think about those who are not in such high demand. Aside from leader Sir Ed Davey, who has three, the Lib Dems are lagging behind. Out of their 11 other MPs we have an extra income of just over £ 5,000 in this Parliament. Moral or old-fashioned?

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