Calling all young leaders. Come train for service.

Over four sessions, learn to gain a good perspective on what is happening in the world today, engage young people in conversation about these and other difficult issues, guide young people in their faith, and prepare an agenda for youth.

Participants who complete all four sessions will receive a digital certificate of completion at the end of the program.

Topic Summary

Biblical worldview and current trends
Speaker: Luc Zachary Ng
Youth trends are constantly changing and adults feel exhausted just keeping up. How do culture and trends affect how young people view Bible truths? In this subject, you will understand the deep roots of youth culture and trends and how to navigate them through a biblical lens.

Mentorship and Discipleship
Speaker: Fuji Yew
It is important for our youth to have someone they can walk to and rely on. Yet many of our young people find themselves without anyone. This subject teaches the importance of a mentor-mentee relationship. Find out how we can create a culture of mentorship and discipleship in our church.

Constructive conversations about difficult concerns
Speaker: Jose Philippe
In a post-modern society, contrasting viewpoints are common. In this topic, learn how leaders can solve difficult problems while being faithful to the Bible without cutting bridges. Discover a framework and guidelines for navigating difficult questions from a biblical perspective.

Christian Education for Youth Ministry
Speaker: PS Simon Say
Do you find youth ministry too detached from the main congregation? Many young leaders struggle to plan a holistic program aligned with the mission and vision of the church. This topic focuses on understanding the role of leaders and how we can build a framework to guide our planning to align with our church.

Dated: March 8, 15, 24 & 29, 2022

Time: 7:30-9:30 p.m.

Cost: S$100 (working adults)

S$60 (students)

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About the organizer:
The Scripture Union Singapore is a volunteer-based non-profit Christian interfaith organization registered as a corporation in 1961 and as a charity in 1990 under the Charities Act of the Government of Singapore. This is the Scripture Union Global, an alliance of different SU movements in over 120 countries around the world.

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