Fast Rising Hip Hop Star, 0luxure, ready to conquer the music industry with his unique and distinctive sound

March 17, 2022 – Rising hip-hop star 0luxure is set to take the music industry by storm with his unique and distinctive sound. The phenomenal hip-hop star has been described by fans around the world as a truly versatile performer with an incredible vocal range and exceptional lyrical dexterity.

0luxure, who currently has over 16,000 Soundcloud subscribers, says music has always played a huge role in his life and is a reliable tool to express his personality and feelings.

“I grew up loving music. As a young boy, I would always sing along to every song and scribble down the lyrics whenever I had the chance. For me, music is the perfect tool for me. express and get in touch with their feelings.

0luxure is passionate about music and takes every opportunity to express himself. The amazing artist has released several amazing tracks over the years. Some of his most beloved songs include Unfaithful, Black Ops, and Luv u/hate u ft 2kDestiny.

Although 0luxure is widely loved and cherished for his incredible ability to create amazing hip-hop tunes, the talented musician has revealed that he prefers to explore his full musical range and not limit himself to any particular genre.

“I take my music seriously and I don’t lock myself into one genre, music is so much more than rap and hip hop these days. I hope people will see that.”

0luxure’s amazing songs can be found on SoundCloud while fans who want to keep an eye on the artist can catch up with him via any of his social media handles.

Twitter: @0luxure

Instagram: @0luxure

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Company Name: 0luxury
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The country: Australia

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