Hunger? The Best Sloppy Joe’s in Ocean County, New Jersey

Today, Friday March 18, is National Sloppy Joe Day. I think we all had sloppy joes at school and at home growing up. Made me think there was a “Joe” and if so was he “sloppy”? Well after a aka google investigation it seems there was a guy named Jose Garcia who lived in Havana, Cuba and he served a dish based on a spanish dish called “ropa vieja” and the name “sloppy joe ” was born. This Jose recipe originated in Cuba around 1910.

Sloppy Joe’s are fairly simple sandwiches. Ground meat, onions, tomato sauce and seasonings. Usually a sloppy joe is served on a bun. I remember loving “sloppy joe day” at school and if I remember correctly they were served with “tatur tots” ah the fun lunches of our youth. Well, today is National Sloppy Joe Day, so maybe grab a can of “Manwich” or head to one of these restaurants that are listed as the best in Ocean County. by YAP based on their reviews and ratings. Maybe one of these places is one of your favorites.

Mr. J’s Deli

Located at 495 NJ-72, Stafford Township, NJ 08050

Richard’s Underworld

Located at 299 Atlantic City Blvd, Bayville, NJ 08721

Diesel Subs and Wraps

Located at 950 US 9, Bayville, NJ 08721

quick break

Located at 1635 NJ-37, Toms River, NJ 08753

So there are top picks in Ocean County for Sloppy Joe’s, so maybe you go to one of these places or have a recommendation that isn’t on the Yelp list? Post your suggestions below 👇🏻 and also share your own sloppy joe recipes.

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