Meet Mahmud A-Smadi, the haircare guru taking the European skincare industry by storm

In today’s read, we meet Mahmud Al-Smadi, a 33-year-old entrepreneur and CEO with a passion for all things beauty, fashion and wellness. Mahmud tells us how he went from being a hairstylist to owning his own co-founded brand taking over the European skincare industry.

He wildly spills the beans on what it takes to rise and stay on top amid a myriad of setbacks. Keep it here and grab all the nuggets you can.

Who is Mahmoud Al Asmadi?

Mahmud Al Asmadi (aka Mo) was born in Jordan and raised in Germany. He developed a lifelong interest in beauty, fashion and wellness from an early age. He decided to pursue his passion and started as a hairdresser, later earning a master’s degree in cosmetology.

Mahmud is now co-founder of Nourished3, which he founded with his business and life partner, Annie Jaffrey. Nourished3 is a line of skincare products that has become a favorite with customers across Europe.

How Nourished3 was born

Working as a hairstylist, model and salon manager in renowned and high-end salons in Germany gave her immense experience in the world of beauty and cosmetics. During the 15 years of working as a hairstylist, Mahmud has worked with celebrities and thousands of other lovely clients from different industries and backgrounds.

He has helped people feel good about themselves and realize their unique inner and outer beauty using his creative abilities. Mahmud was inspired by his wife, battling skincare issues while trying to figure out the best way to achieve flawless skin.

Together, they realized that other people struggled with skincare issues and that most cosmetic brands didn’t solve this problem. They launched Nourished3, which operates on three main principles;

  • Skin care also called external care.
  • Indoor food, commonly referred to as supplements
  • Mental Health; a healthy psyche always thanks you with a healthy skin glow.

Nourished3 offers several products such as the Clarify & Brighten face mask and a face mask application brush launched in 2020 as the company’s first products. In 2021, they rolled out the Purify & Comfort Face Cleanser and Reusable Face Cleansing Pads.

As Mahmud says, the demand for their products keeps increasing because customers get what they pay for when they use Nourished3 products. The success-seeking power couple are looking to launch more high-value products in 2022-2023 to provide their customers with an even broader product portfolio.

They are available on Cult beauty and they are looking to launch their products at more retailers when they complete their kincare skincare range, for instant, Sephora, Ulta, Douglas and Mecca.

At Mahmoud’s Word For Upcoming entrepreneur

According to Mahmud, when you’re starting out as an entrepreneur, the most crucial factor is making sure you’re pursuing your passion. Passion will motivate you when it gets tough and you feel like giving up.

“If you are passionate about something, pursue it with everything you have, and when it gets tough, always remember why you started,” says Mr Al Smadi.

Additionally, Mahmud emphasizes that entrepreneurs who deal with D2C or B2C business models strive to deliver as much value as possible to their customers. Simple stuff like educating his clients on how to get the perfect skin via his IG handles and social media has kept him afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“always puts the customer first and he will thank you in his own way,” adds Mahmud.

According to Mahmud, they are available on Cult Beauty and they are looking to launch their products at more retailers when they complete their skincare range, for Instant, Sephora, Ulta, Douglas and Mecca.


Mahmud’s story is no ordinary grass-grace story. He got to work and pursued what he loved. He achieved a lot because he stayed true to his passion and is now making a difference with Nourished3. You too can be like him.

If you want to get in touch with Mahmud Al Smadi, follow him on his social networks or You can read on Nourished3 and buy Mahmud’s products on

Posted on March 23, 2022

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