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On March 19, 2022, the Colonel James Wood II Chapter of the Virginia Society Sons of the American Revolution held a presentation ceremony. The Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church was a major contributor to the Revolutionary War Patriots Grave Marking Ceremony held that day to honor five patriots buried in the church’s graveyard.

A certificate was presented to Pastor Janice Marie Lowden who provided chaplaincy services throughout the program and hosted the nearly ninety people gathered for the occasion. She wore period clothes which added to the colonial atmosphere. A certificate was also presented to Mrs. Brenda Boldin, administrative secretary of the church. She was responsible for helping identify the graves that were in the cemetery and contacting the descendants of patriot John Krim.

Pictured, L-R: Trinity Congregation Council President Diann Dailey, Rev. Janice Marie Lowden and President Thomas “Chip” Daniel, Col. James Wood II Chapter. (Photo courtesy of Deborah Corey)

The church, represented by Mrs. Diann Dailey, President of Trinity Congregation Council, co-operated in sponsoring the event and provided refreshments after the ceremony was over. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, a successful ceremony was held to honor Revolutionary War patriots John Nicholas DeLong, John Krim, Jacob Kline, John Krider and Nicholas Samsel.

Also on March 19, 2022, the Colonel James Wood II Chapter of the Virginia Society Sons of the American Revolution held a color guard rally/workshop. 27 countrymen from across the state came together to hone their color guard skills.

The guards prepare for the inspection. (Photos courtesy of Will Reynolds)

The event took place at the Wayside Inn, the oldest operating inn in the United States. Built in the 18th century, it is an ideal place for Sons (SAR) to organize events and meetings.

The workshop began with an in-depth discussion on safety led by compatriot Brett Osborn. This included the procedures involved in firing muskets, edged weapons, and preparing for obstacles during ceremonies. The second phase led by fellow countryman Dale Corey explaining proper etiquette and actions when representing the Society. The group then broke up.

Brett Osborn took 12 people outside for instruction in musket firing procedures. They discussed proper form, controls, loading and firing procedures. The musketeers were able to fire several shots each to familiarize themselves with the process. Compatriot Marc Robinson gave the rest of the instructions on movement commands and procedures during ceremonies and events.

Guards make sure gun barrels are clear.

Participants were from the following chapters: Colonel James Wood II, Colonel William Grayson, Fairfax Resolves, General Daniel Morgan, Jamestown, Sergeant Major John Champe and Williamsburg.

Countrymen who participated were Rick Abbott, Ken Bonner, Sean Carrigan, Paul Christensen, David Cook, Jim Cordes, Thomas “Chip” Daniel, Gary Dunaway, Leamon Duncan, Kelly Ford, Chris Melhuish, Erick Moore, Paul Parish, Dennis Parmerter , John Petrie, Allan Phillips, Nathan Poe, Will Reynolds, Barry Schwoerer, Mike St Jacques, John Thomas and Richard Tyler.

Participants, standing from left to right: Rick Taylor, Dale Corey, Allan Phillps, Marc Robinson, Gary Dunaway, Dave Cook, Erick Moore, Will Reynolds, Barry Schwoerer, Dennis Parmerter, Paul Parish, John Petrie, Chris Melhuish, Brett Osborn , Sean Carrigan, John Thomas. Kneeling from left to right: Ken Bonner, Kelly Ford, Leamon Duncan, Rick Abbott, Mike St Jacques, Thomas “Chip” Daniel, Jim Cordes. (Photo courtesy of Thomas “Chip” Daniel).

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