Fabricoz brings Indian and Pakistani ethnic fashion dresses to the United States

India is always appreciated for its tradition, culture and ethnicity. This traditionally wealthy country is also known for its beautiful and stunning Indian clothing for women. Indian clothes and dresses are not only remarkable but inimitable and are admired by myriads not only in India but also abroad. At the same time, Pakistani attire is equally elegant and modest. Simple and understated outfits with standout styles appeal to the diverse crowd. They are not only beautiful but extremely comfortable to wear which is why they have been gaining popularity lately all over the world.

Fabricoz founder Shazia Parveen has lived outside India for over two decades, where she has always struggled to find similar Indian Salwar Kameez and quirky Pakistani dresses as she could back home. With very limited availability and selection, it was never a satisfying experience for her to buy the quality and designs offered by local stores, which often resulted in a lot of frustration. To fill this market gap and end this constant struggle, she launched her own online fashion store, Fabricoz – www.fabricoz.com which sells a selection of original and designer Indian and Pakistani outfits that cannot be found otherwise, especially in the USA and Australia.

There are a large number of Indians and Pakistanis residing outside their country who wish to maintain their culture and dazzle on festive occasions in their original and authentic attire. It is said that a woman always looks pretty in a salwar suit and sparkling jewelry. Shazia wanted to create a platform to bring the best Indian clothing to women and bring them closer to their homes. Bringing an Indian touch to a foreign country can mean a lot to people who miss their culture and values. Such fashion styles can always help people there rekindle their roots and be extremely proud of their rich tradition.

Salwar Kameez, Indian dresses, Pakistani dresses, Lehenga Choli and sarees are just some of the styles available at Fabricoz. The online store is synonymous with glamor and glory. Each dress in the store is carefully curated to ensure that it attracts attention, and anyone wearing these dresses will look wonderful and graceful. Indian designer clothes can give a richer and more elegant appearance. Fabricoz has a simple goal: to provide the best online shopping experience to all of its customers in the United States and Australia. The mission is to meet the Indian fashion needs of customers by offering tailored and tailored outfits that are delivered to their doorsteps in a short time anywhere in the world. Fabricoz ensures that customers get an easy-to-use online platform and have a satisfying and safe experience when shopping online. Heeding customer feedback on improving customer service is also essential, and Fabricoz has used this feedback over the years to improve the store and provide a seamless online shopping experience. Fabricoz’s social media presence also gave them access to a diverse crowd. The outfits offered can make any woman glorious and help them shine. It is a great opportunity for women to explore a variety of Indian clothing that helps them meet their cultural clothing needs. Fabricoz is committed to offering authentic and unique designs that are always trendy and stylish. They are constantly striving to keep up to date with the latest trends, making their customers’ experience interesting by offering new styles and designs every week. Whether it’s Diwali, Holi, Eid or any wedding ceremony, Fabricoz makes sure to keep the latest designs ready to be personalized available in stores for delivery in just 2 weeks.

Fashion always comes with change, and everyone wants to follow the trend while looking for products that are also different. Fabricoz offers styles that are totally in tune with current trends, as well as a wide range of options to choose from, which allows them to select clothes that will draw many compliments from everyone.

This was all possible mainly due to Shazia’s dedication to bringing such stylish and designer Indian dresses to the American people. Being in the United States or Australia, where celebrating Indian occasions and festivals is now very common, making the whole occasion special becomes really important. What more than a shiny saree or a designer Salwar suit or a Pakistani dress to make one’s stay memorable. Looking at yourself in the mirror with those dazzling Indian clothes surely makes you smile more widely. The Fabricoz brand not only offers a wide variety, but also offers women top quality fabrics that are comfortable to wear. Fabricoz’s mission is to make customers happy and satisfied with outfits made just for them with perfect design and fit.

These Indian ethnic dresses are so attractive that not only Indians or Pakistanis but even women from Western and European countries love to explore these traditional styles and aesthetic outfits. Fabricoz has achieved strong growth over the past five years in the United States and captured a huge online market share in Australia. Fabricoz is now the number one Indian and Pakistani clothing online store in Australia and attracts thousands of people to its website every month. They are now expanding to other European countries, the Middle East and Canada to give women yet another reason to smile with confidence and feel closer to home than ever before.

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