One billion vegan and sustainable apps published “Understanding the American Herbal Consumer”a detailed report detailing US consumer attitudes and behaviors toward plant-based foods.

Industry Influences

Among the top takeaways, abillion notes that the app has seen a marked increase in the number of non-vegan US users showing an interest in plant-based foods. These members represent 51% of its US user database.

By analyzing nearly 1.4 million reviews on its digital platform over three years, abillion says it discovered five trends happening in the industry:

  1. Interest in the plant movement is strongest in California, New York and Florida. Millennials and Gen Z women, who make up 65% of American abbillion members, are leading the enthusiasm for plant-based lifestyles.
  2. Health remains the top motivating factor for most alternative meat shoppers, with 47% choosing it as their top priority, compared to 33% who indicated ethical concerns.
  3. Among young Americans, the reductionist lifestyle, in which individuals actively reduce their meat consumption, is very popular and should be a point of transition to veganism in the years to come.
  4. The growing popularity of plant-based snacks represents a significant opportunity for the food industry. The snacks segment is currently valued at $32 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.7%.
  5. The sustainable skincare category, especially sunscreen, grew by around 35%.
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A growing wave

The report also points to a January 2022 survey from Oklahoma State University which found that about 10% of Americans under 18 consider themselves vegan or vegetarian. Overall, the report finds that plant-based companies need to innovate in products and marketing to address consumers’ overlapping health, environmental and ethical concerns.

“The United States is one of our key markets, representing 22% of our global community. It’s exciting for us to share information about the preferences of our American community,” said Vikas Garg, Founder and CEO of abillion.

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He adds, “We share this information to drive consumer adoption, consumer advocacy, and help make vegan options loved by people and businesses around the world. Above all, the work we do here has a direct positive impact on the environment and animals. I see abillion as a catalyst for meaningful and intentional change for the future.