Why Small Fashion and Retail Businesses Should Adopt Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Technology

Retail competitiveness is at an all-time high, requiring exceptional customer experiences across all touchpoints. Many retailers are looking to strike a balance between effective digital transformation and modernization efforts, exceeding customer expectations, retaining an engaged workforce and improving operational efficiency. What if you could do it all?

With the rapid evolution of e-commerce in the fashion and retail sectors, personalization, sustainability and the influence of 3D virtual design are just some of the trends that compel businesses and organizations to adjust and adapt. Mendix’s Fashion and Retail PLM aims to address these challenges.

What are the benefits of using a PLM SaaS solution for emerging fashion and retail brands?

1. Collaboration youthroughout the product life cycle

Increase product data transparency and accuracy by enabling stakeholders to work together on products. Eliminate redundancies and manual errors to prevent margin erosion. This single source of truth allows partners to confidently collaborate on material libraries, size and measurement charts, color palettes, designs and more.

2. Significantly reduce physical sampling

Create a sustainable sampling process by eliminating the need for extensive physical samples. Virtual collaboration speeds time to market. True integration pre-populates data items in style and product specs to create an accurate BOM of materials, measurements, colors and trims, and more. Getting started and staying digital is a business pivot that will help you reduce your costs and your carbon footprint.

3. Shorter time to market

Transform into a demand-driven model powered by photorealistic assets to create engaging customer experiences. Visual commerce reduces your time to market and enables sustainable business practices.

4. Centralization

Connect siled software to reduce digital waste and redundancy, migration hassles, and extensive training. Low-code, cloud-native technology enables this highly scalable SaaS solution on an open platform. Live Mendix PLM on any device with one-click upgrades.

Accelerate innovation in the retail space with Mendix low-code app development

Are you ready to help your teams run more efficiently by giving them the tools and resources they need to break down barriers to collaboration? Mendix PLM for Fashion and Retail is a visually interactive solution for emerging and mid-market brands that streamlines ideation, design, merchandising development, and sourcing to reinvent innovation.

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