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Hopscotch with a Difference: Out of Sight – See Vision’s debut project Grab The Vision – premieres in multiple locations across the US, Australia, Europe and Asia

CHINA/INTERNATIONAL. See the vision Grab The Vision (STVGTV) – a public arts and programming platform set up by Jing Daily owner Larry Warsh – is eyeing major airports for future projects.

STVGTV’s mission is “to engage, inspire and empower young people and participants of all ages”.

According to its website, STVGTV’s goal is to “create culturally relevant and engaging programs that inspire participants to ‘grasp’ the concepts of exuberance, bliss, vision, visualization, enlightenment, spontaneity and of serendipity, and to integrate them into their daily lives”.

“We are looking for places where we can set up ground works and thought airports would be the perfect fit” – See The Vision Grab The Vision Managing Director Zara Hoffman

Out of Sight is STVGTV’s first project. The interactive and generic ‘sculpture’ of the American conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner “brings the artist’s emblematic texts from the wall to the floor”.

STVGTV’s website points out that the installations, some of which reach over 60 feet, are based on a hopscotch course that encourages participants and passers-by to “reflect and explore the power of self-realization and empowerment.” .

Adaptable to the ground – indoors or outdoors – the two-dimensional site-specific artwork offers participating museums, civic and public venues the opportunity to temporarily (or permanently) install artwork that “weaves an engaging connection with audiences from all walks of life”. of life, including adults, adolescents and children.

Out of Sight is designed to bring Lawrence Weiner’s iconic texts to the wall and to the floor

“With the Out of Sight project, Weiner’s textual work moved from the wall to the floor, creating a path to see and walk, both physically and intellectually. Out of Sight is not only a work of art, but also acts as a metaphorical framework for the journey of self-discovery and empowerment, enlivening the experience of everyone who encounters it.

Out of Sight was shown in Miami, Melbourne, Belgium, East Hampton, Chicago, San Francisco and Singapore, along with other developing cities.

See The Vision Grab The Vision’s managing director, Zara Hoffman, said: “We are looking for places where we can set up ground work and thought airports would be the perfect fit.

“It would be great to create artistic programs for key airports in Asia.”

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