Immerse yourself in the magical blend of soul, hip-hop and R&B with artist Jericho’s stunning tracks

Rising artist Jericho has been following his passion for music for a long time. His diverse talent for playing with multiple genres makes him highly recommended.

The music industry is flooded with many hip-hop artists, and I’ve been listening to hip-hop for a long time. Recently, I met an artist named Jericho, who just surprised me with his works. He is an emerging artist based in Montreal, Canada. At first I was listening to his most recent track, “Over time,” which is a short song sung by the artist with Rod leCoeur. The lyrical nature of the composed song with high-pitched rhythms amazed me. It felt so good after receiving such energizing vibes that there are only a handful of artists who can truly entertain music lovers these days.

With Jericho and his tracks, it all seemed so easy and flawless. It’s almost like having a listening experience from a veteran artist who has traveled all the musical paths of his life. Other works by the artist such as “Act Like” “Sameshit x Newday” and “Drop It Down 2.0” purely illustrate the artist’s observation in the face of the stereotypes of today’s society. The enthusiasm of the artist combined with JJ Musique Production as a record company makes it highly recommended. Listen to all of the artist’s songs on Spotify. Facebook, instagram, Apple Music, Twitterand Youtube are the online platforms where the artist can be followed.

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