Hair color trends to try for summer 2022

Experimenting with the color of your hair is the most fun that you can have with your hair, but to get the perfect color, you must make sure you have a virgin canvas. This is vital as hair color trends this summer are all about neutral colors.

You may have dyed your hair in fun colors during the peak of lockdown and it may have left your hair messy. If you’ve dyed your hair a rich blue, you might want to . It is best to consult your hairdresser and try some test strands to see how the color reacts to your hair to avoid a capillary disaster.

Golden Copper

This naturalistic lean tone has been a sensation since spring. Il n’est ni trop rouge, ni trop orange. Another one color trend that promotes rich, vibrant hair over abrupt color changes is golden copper. By adding some blonde reflections for the depth or even some bronze reflections for richness, this copper shade can be decomposed and adjusted according to your preferences.

Strawberry Blonde

Hair color trends to try for summer 2022

Strawberry blonde is another golden color trend for summer. If golden copper is just too dark for you, this sparkling champagne shade is a fantastic compromise. This bright and eye-catching summer hair color trend combines golden oranges and delicate pink strawberries for the perfect combination. C’est l’ombre parfaite pour l’été.

deep brunette

Hair color trends to try for summer 2022

Despite the fact that this color trend seems to be the opposite of the sunny sky, the luxurious brown locks are particularly amazing on the tanned and brown skin. Other brunette styles have been popular, but this brown variant makes the trend more accessible because it does not need so much discoloration or care. It just gives you a deep, dark and extravagant look.

90s Blonde

An ode to the infinitely trendy decade that continues to dominate beauty trends around the world. Think of the rebirth of Hollywood elegance. The 90s blonde is a nice mix of shiny, sun-kissed locks with a little shadow at the roots. This summer hair color trend is light and breezy, but it also cuts down on maintenance time between visits. Using a root shadow will help your color last longer, which is important when your hair is this light. And who doesn’t want to look as glamorous as the Hollywood elite of the 90s?

Hair color trends to try for summer 2022

Mahogany red

Red mahogany was the latest trend among young people, with many celebrities who decided to try the red mahogany, it made its comeback. Rich dark tones are perfect for working with any complexion. It’s still a darker hair color which makes maintenance much more manageable. It gives a certain maturity to the person who decides to opt for the blood red color.

It’s also a great option if you want to go for a natural color while still having fun with the color options. And as a bonus, it can blend into the prettiest pink color if you had a blonde base before going red.

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