New York, NY, June 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — VIEWPARK X SOUNDPARK, New York-based global virtual media companies, have announced a partnership with Brooklyn’s own modern crypto artist, Zuay Thompson.

Zuay’s new single, BUY THE DIP, represents the new wave of hip-hop with deep, melodic musical vocals backed by powerful, raw New York beats.

Born in Park Slope, New York, Zuay’s melodic cadences and conscious songwriting flow create a romantic dichotomy between New York bustle and his own peace of mind. His understanding of internal and external thinking mixed with his 9 to 5, 5 to 9 attitude allows his music to control a wide range of emotions both light and dark. From songs projecting his rock star energy and daring approach to life, to songs that combine honesty with deep solitary brooding, Zuay Thompson is a force to be reckoned with.

Zuay has worked with top producers and collaborated with several top artists. Although not in the studio, Zuay is in school and working with his in-house creative team BYO Compound.

After meeting famed New York stylist Eddie Wunderlich, co-founder of SOUNDPARK, Krysanne Katsoolis immediately knew that Zuay would be a hit with his clever pun and Brooklyn NY swagger which is a perfect marriage between Web 3, cannabis and New York-based hip-hop. Jump.

Joseph Clarke, President of SOUNDPARK said, “Zuay represents the future of hip-hop to me and BUY THE DIP is the perfect crypto anthem for this generation. I could tell instantly that Zuay is a star and has what it takes to compete against anyone at the top of the music industry right now. When I met Zuay and Liam Wahl, COO of BYO Compound, in my office, I was shocked at how humble they both were. They are both very creative, very business savvy, and have their minds focused on the big picture. Zuay has a real passion for hip-hop culture, and they’re both businessmen, not just amazing artists, which is another reason SOUNDPARK supports them 1000%!”

Zuay Thompson/Liam Wahl says, “With the music space evolving so rapidly, we are excited to work with SOUNDPARK/VIEWPARK and develop an experience where music not only exists in a physical reality but also in a virtual reality. . Zuay’s music touches so many levels within the culture. Blending crypto, hustle, music and style, Zuay is unapologetic himself as he blazes his own trail.

VIEWPARK CEO Krysanne Katsoolis comments, “Zuay exudes star quality. Not only are his lyrics catchy, current and relevant to a web3 generation, but he also has a unique style that, along with his music, will make him an international star. We couldn’t be prouder than to work with Zuay and Liam to bring “Buy the Dip” to the world.

VIEWPARK GROUP is a media and technology investment company for a Web3 world. Its founder and CEO, Krysanne Katsoolis, has run media companies for more than 20 years curating and distributing content across all verticals. Katsoolis’ experience includes building private and public companies, including spearheading a reverse merger on NASDAQ.

SOUNDPARK is a VIEWPARK company that represents and produces soundtracks, theatrical scores, musical artists and events in the universe and for the metaverse. SOUNDPARK is led by Hip-Hop artist Joseph “Capital LS” Clarke formerly of the group Rumpletilskinz signed to RCA records in 1993.

BYO is a multimedia, clothing brand and production house, working with fashion/music and video.


For more information contact:
Joseph Clark
President, SOUND PARK
+1 929 383 8852

Zuay Thompson
Compound BYO

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