I’m a fashion expert – you can look ten years younger if you pull these items out of your closet

There are many ways to look younger as you go through life, but your style and clothing can be a major obstacle.

Luckily, fashion expert Tamsen Fadal is here to help.


Tamsen Fadal speaking on the three clothes that must fit to look youngerCredit: TikTok/@tamsenfadal
Tamsen Fadal explains why it's time to get some items out of your wardrobe


Tamsen Fadal explains why it’s time to get some items out of your wardrobeCredit: TikTok/@tamsenfadal

In a post on TikTok, the expert, who goes by the name @tamsenfadal, shares some specific clothes from your wardrobe that you need to ditch if you want to look 10 years younger.

“Clothes are an expression of who you are,” says Fadal, who says personal style should always be yours.

However, there are at least three specific things she got rid of to help her look younger, and she wants to pass on her lessons to others.

1. Oversized Prints

Featured on blouses and maxi dresses, garments with incredibly oversized prints are things to avoid, according to Fadal.

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She explains that instead, you should go for smaller prints, as they can take almost 10 years off your actual age.

Not to mention, they’re easy to find, available at most department stores and even thrift stores at affordable prices, notes Fadal.

2. Dated jeans

Get rid of pairs of jeans that you’ve been wearing for maybe 10 to 20 years, as they may have become very unflattering over time, says Fadal.

“No mom jeans, no weird crops, just go to a department store, close the door and try on as many jeans as you can until you find one that flatters your figure,” says Fadal.

Ultimately, the goal is comfort and good looking jeans.

3. Square cuts

Finally, get rid of any outfit or clothing that makes your figure appear boxy.

“Great style is great proportions,” says Fadal.

Ditching the boxy cuts means you can accentuate your proportions and create a shape that satisfies you.

Ultimately, make it work for whatever you want, according to Fadal.

Although these are just three general areas that can definitely help you look younger, fashion is always changing.

The message here is to make sure you find your own style in clothes that give you confidence in your shape, age and overall appearance.

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