It is expected that the Verzuz the powers that be are somewhere preparing for the next season of shows that will take the internet world by storm, and on Drink champions, Irv Gotti gives his opinion on who could go against his label. Irv and his Murder Inc hitmaker Ja Rule have teamed up for their Drink champions appearance, and as there have been whispers about labels facing each other on the VerzuzGotti’s collective has been mentioned more than once.

Noreaga mentioned that he was questioned about whether or not there might be a murder Inc. Verzuzand Irv seemed receptive.

“I think Rule kind of cemented himself when he did the Verzuz with Fat Joe… I think he sort of cemented it, we don’t give a fuck,” Gotti said. “We don’t have nothing to do, like the Murder Inc catalog! I mean, what did they say, twenty hits?” Nore chimed in to add that it would be “against a crew.”

Ja said, “I mean, I think you gotta do more than twenty if you’re doing crews”, to which Noreaga offered a “Top 40” hit. Ja upped it to 50, and when asked who he would like to face against, Irv Gotti said, “It should be Bad Boy.”

“[It is] the only comparable thing. I can not tell [Dr. Dre] “because the music is different,” Irv continued. “It’s hard to go against those gangsta ass records.” This clip has sparked a debate, especially among those who hold The Notorious BIG to some high standard in hip hop.

Check out the clip below and let us know if Murder Inc vs. Bad Boy would be a good look.