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ThredUp taps a rising star for its latest campaign.

The online resale platform partners with ‘Stranger Things’ actress Priah Ferguson on its ‘Fast Fashion Confessional Hotline,’ which aims to encourage Gen Z shoppers to break their habit of buying from brands fast fashion and adopting more sustainable options.

“I’m a big fan of fashion and the latest trends, but I also care about keeping our planet healthy and strong,” Ferguson said. “I am very happy to partner with ThredUp. After learning how bad fast fashion is for the environment, I decided to take a break from shopping this way. I hope this hotline will inspire people to change their shopping habits and think about saving. Even small changes can make a big difference to our future.

Shoppers can participate in the initiative by calling the hotline at 1-855-THREDUP where they will hear advice directly from Ferguson on how to be more sustainable with their fashion. Callers can also leave their own “fast fashion confession” via voicemail.

Priah Ferguson for Thred Up.

Courtesy of ThredUp

“At ThredUp, we are committed to inspiring a new generation of consumers to think about opportunity first,” said Erin Wallace, vice president of integrated marketing at ThredUp. “Our data shows that students want to stop shopping for fast fashion, but we know it’s hard to resist. That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with Priah. Together, we’ve decided to make more easier than ever for shoppers to kick the fast fashion habit and embrace a healthier way to shop.”

The “Fast Fashion Confessional Hotline” was inspired by ThredUp’s new fast fashion report which indicates that one in three Gen Z shoppers feel addicted to fast fashion and nearly half of college students surveyed say that It’s hard to resist the temptation of fast fashion. Additionally, 51% of students said they want to stop buying fast fashion, with the main reason being that they want to shop in a more sustainable and ethical way.

In addition to the hotline, Ferguson has curated its own selection of back-to-school apparel on ThredUp for consumers to purchase. The collection includes a range of outfits for the classroom, internship or school dance, all priced up to 90% off retail value.

ThredUp has already teamed up with other leading figures on initiatives to encourage more sustainable purchases. Earlier this year, ThredUp teamed up with celebrity fashion designer Karla Welch for a thrifty festival shopping experience, where Welch created a collection of second-hand pieces from her own festival-appropriate style closet. of music.

ThredUp x Priah Ferguson Fast Fashion Hotline

Priah Ferguson for Thred Up.

Courtesy of ThredUp

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