I’m a fashion expert – how to make any top slimming instantly using just a hair tie

THERE’S a shirt trick you’ll want to keep in your trick bag that will help make any slimming top look awesome.

Stylist Camellia Jade demonstrated the revolutionary method on her TikTok which is dedicated to helping women “love what they [they] wear.”


A fashion stylist explained how to make a boxy top more slimmingCredit: TikTok / camelliajade
All you need is a hair tie


All you need is a hair tieCredit: TikTok / camelliajade

“If you have a top that’s too loose and that’s your area of ​​focus, and you don’t want to tuck the bottom of your top into the bra, here’s what you can do to limit the fullness,” began Camellia in a video. shared with his 88,000 TikTok followers.

Using a hair tie, the fashion expert demonstrated the trick in a bright pink boxy top.

Pulling the top up to one side, she put the shirt inside out.

She took a small part of the top and grabbed her hair tie.

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Creating a small bow and tying it, she then flipped her top the other way.

“Now what I’ve done is I’ve limited the fullness, made my top a little more chic, [and] I added a new design to it,” she said.

“And what it does is help create an optical illusion that will also slim your body and help create the illusion of a waistline.”

Viewers in the comments section were grateful for the style tip, with some sharing their experience using it.

“This is the best styling tip for high bobs I’ve ever seen,” one person wrote.

“Reflection area” is such a sweet way to reframe concerns or areas that make us feel embarrassed or insecure! I love it!” said a second.

“Wow, that’s a great idea. Thanks for sharing,” a third chimed in.

“I do this all the time! I work at Carhartt part-time and I do it with the plain t-shirts we wear there!” one last person added.

The hack creates an optical illusion that will also slim down your body


The hack creates an optical illusion that will also slim down your bodyCredit: TikTok / camelliajade

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