Kali Uchis says she’ll be collaborating with Ariana Grande after the “Positions” singer wraps up work on the movie adaptation of the musical, Nasty. Uchis explained during a live stream on TikTok that Grande isn’t recording music at the moment.

“She’s not recording right now,” Uchis said. “Because working on his movie stuff; her play she’s doing… She said when she’s done with that, we’re going to work. I’m excited for this.

Rich Polk/Getty Images

Grande is set to play Glinda the Good Witch in the musical, which is set to be released in two parts and arrive in 2024 and 2025.

Grande also confirmed that she didn’t start working on a new album in May while filming a Q&A video for REM Beauty: “The truth is, I haven’t started an album. I know I mean by the vine you have a lot of theories and expectations in that department but after Positions I wasn’t ready to start another album yet so I didn’t start another album.

Either way, Uchis will be working on his own new music in the meantime. Speaking to Vogue for a recent interview, she revealed that she plans to release two different albums, one in English and one in Spanish.

“I just want to show myself all the different facets,” Uchis explained. “And that I’m multidimensional when it comes to my music, my style, my everything. So I think it’s more about having fun with it and letting my fans see and hear that other side of me that they’ve never had before.

Check out a clip from Uchis’ TikTok below.