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About SEA of Solutions 2022

The triple planetary The crisis of climate change, pollution and loss of biodiversity must be resolved if humanity is to have a viable future on this planet. Plastic pollution is a key driver of this crisis and is choking our seas and threatening ecosystems and livelihoods. It is a by-product of an essentially linear system in which more than 75% of the material value of plastic is lost after a short first use cycle.

Transitioning from this linear system to a circular economy requires impactful solutions across the plastics value chain, from product design, production and consumption to post-consumer waste management.

Over the past three years, SEA of solutions (SoS)SEA circular-‘s annual flagship event served as a vehicle to exchange best practices, enable constructive dialogue and empower stakeholders to promote circularity in the plastics value chain in Southeast Asia.

SoS 2022 will highlight unique and impactful solutions across the plastics value chain covering three cross-cutting themes: innovation, inclusion and collaboration.

The solutions highlighted will showcase effective approaches to tackling the plastic pollution crisis, including:

  • Plastic avoidance and alternative solution design;
  • Extend the lifecycle by reduce use of plastic in the design and consumption stages; and
  • Deletion and better recycling initiatives to enable new post-consumer applications.

Additionally, the inclusive and sustainable nature of the solutions will be highlighted by how they address gender, human rights and responsible business conduct.

Along with spotlighting solutions, SoS 2022 SoS will feature an exchange and discussion between key regional players and plastic circularity experts representing governments, the private sector, civil society, development actors and youth.


The SoS 2022 event will help achieve the following goals:

  • Exchange ideas, best practices and market-based solutions to address looming value chain challenges
  • Enable dialogue between key stakeholders to explore opportunities for collaboration and adoption of best practices put forward
  • Empowering actors, including government, private sector and civil society, with new knowledge and insights into upcoming trends and developments as the world moves towards a global plastics deal

About SoS

SoS is an annual flagship event organized by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the Coordinating Body on the Seas of East Asia (COBSEA), as part of the circular SEA project supported by the Swedish government.

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