UN: 2022 set to be deadliest year for Palestinians in West Bank

UNITED NATIONS – The UN’s Middle East envoy says 2022 is set to be the deadliest year for Palestinians in the West Bank since the UN began tracking deaths in 2005, and he called for immediate action to calm “an explosive situation” and move towards the renewal of Israel – Palestinian negotiations.

Tor Wennesland told the UN Security Council that “growing despair, anger and tension have erupted again in a deadly cycle of violence that is increasingly difficult to contain”, and “too many people, mostly Palestinians, were killed and injured”.

In a grim assessment, the special coordinator for the Middle East peace process said the downward spiral in the West Bank and the current volatile situation stem from decades of violence that have wreaked havoc among Israelis and Palestinians, the absence protracted negotiations and the failure to resolve the main issues that fuel the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Wennesland said his message to Palestinian officials and factions, Israeli officials and the international community in recent weeks was clear: “The immediate priority is to work to calm the situation and reverse the negative trends on the ground,” but the goal should be “to empower and strengthen the Palestinian Authority and build toward a return to a political process.”

Over the past month, the UN envoy said, 32 Palestinians – including six children – have been killed by Israeli security forces and 311 injured in protests, clashes, search and rescue operations. arrests and attacks on Israelis. Two members of the Israeli forces were killed and 25 Israeli civilians were injured by Palestinians in shooting attacks, clashes, throwing stones and Molotov cocktails and other incidents during the same period, he said.

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