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LONDON, November 16 (Reuters) – Burberry’s (BRBY.L) New chief executive Jonathan Akeroyd will outline his plan on Thursday to finish the job started by his predecessor: bring the British luxury brand’s growth to the level of its European rivals.

Akeroyd, who took over in April, will present his strategy along with first-half results that will show the lingering impact of lockdown restrictions in China, Burberry’s biggest market.

He has already made his key appointment by choosing Daniel Lee to replace Riccardo Tisci as the 166-year-old brand’s chief designer.

Burberry has lagged rivals like Gucci, Prada and Loewe in building a sharp brand in recent years and Lee will play “an important role in the renewed interest”, said Mario Ortelli, managing partner at the firm of consulting Ortelli&Co.

Lee, who was previously at Kering (PRTP.PA) Bottega Veneta should focus on bolstering its runway, streetwear and menswear collections to appeal to younger consumers, Ortelli said.

This group is expected to support the growth of the sector in the coming years with purchases made from 15 years, according to sector forecasts from consultancy Bain published on Tuesday.

Burberry is also expected to expand its leather goods and footwear businesses, Ortelli said. Leather goods account for around 20% of Burberry’s sales compared to 70% at Bottega Veneta.

The company’s former chief executive, Marco Gobbetti, laid out a plan in 2018 to firmly reposition the brand, known for its camel, red and black checks, in the luxury segment.

It raised prices, limited distribution to its own high-end stores and department stores, and reduced discounts. Tisci, in turn, changed Burberry’s design language by introducing a TB monogram, which increased the brand’s appeal to young luxury consumers.

The final stages of Burberry’s five-year plan were expected to see accelerating revenue growth and rising profits. But the COVID-19 pandemic has thwarted that goal, with store closures and travel restrictions preventing tourists from Asia and elsewhere from spending in Paris and London.


The label posted a 1% increase in same-store sales during its quarter ended July 2.

Burberry’s rivals – led by French luxury leaders LVMH (LVMH.PA) and Kering (PRTP.PA) – on the other hand, recently recorded double-digit sales growth in the quarter ending at the end of September.

LVMH’s fashion and leather goods division, home to Louis Vuitton and Dior, saw sales rise 22% on a like-for-like basis, while Kering’s sales rose 14%, although revenue from its star brand Gucci rose 9%, missing market forecasts by 11%. .

Akeroyd and Lee will seek to emulate the feat of Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri and creative director Alessandro Michele, who set a pattern for creating buzz at well-established luxury brands, nearly quadrupling their profits between 2015 and 2019.

Lee’s appointment could signal a reassessment of Burberry’s British heritage, according to Lydia Slater, editor of fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar.

“Lee’s interpretation of this heritage is probably the opposite of convention, given the iconoclastic manner in which he transformed Bottega Veneta from an understated luxury brand into a cult, directional brand,” he said. she declared.

The Bradford-born designer rose to fame for reinvigorating the Italian brand by exploding its famous “intrecciato” weave into bags and shoes and creating one of the most popular colors of 2021, dubbed “Bottega Green”.

Akeroyd has a proven track record of turning around established brands such as Alexander McQueen and Versace, analysts say.

“Over the long term, the brand’s revitalization should help retain fashion fans and the increasingly coveted Burberry products,” said Susannah Streeter, senior investment and market analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown.

Reporting by Suban Abdulla; Editing by Paul Sandle, Matt Scuffham and Mark Potter

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War in Ukraine Boosts HIMARS Sales; Lockheed Martin Wins Another Game-Changing MLRS Export Order Sat, 12 Nov 2022 02:21:03 +0000

The Defense and Security Cooperation Agency recently announced that the US State Department has authorized the sale of eight HIMARS Multiple Launch Rocket Systems to Lithuania for a fixed price of $495 million (approximately $493 million). millions of euros).

“The Department of State has decided to approve a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Lithuanian government of M142 HIMARS launchers and related equipment at an estimated cost of US$495 million. The Agency for Security and defense today issued the required certification advising Congress of this possible sale,” the agency said in a press release.

The agency said the planned sale would help Lithuania achieve its military goals of modernizing its army while enhancing interoperability with the United States and other partners and helping to prevent regional threats.

Lithuania is one of many Eastern European states that have stepped up military purchases following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. At the end of September, the Lithuanian government assigned additional funds for the defense of the Baltic state.

At the time, Lithuania’s Ministry of National Defense announced that deals to purchase “HIMARS missile systems” were among the important deals the country intended to sign this year.

Lithuania is one of the nations in the region that plans to buy the weapon from Lockheed Martin to improve its rocket artillery capabilities. Ukraine also uses weapons supplied by the United States to counter Russian aggression.

File Image: HIMARS

HIMARS’ popularity surged after his breakthrough performance against Russian troops. Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anusauskas said the country has never had such systems.

It is also pertinent to note that Lithuania’s concern about security stems from the fact that it shares a land border with Russia and is a key NATO ally.

“This capability of the Lithuanian Armed Forces will require pursuing an even higher level of intelligence, electronic combat and other capabilities. Missiles of several types will be delivered, including ATACMS operational-tactical missiles with a range of up to 300 kilometers,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

The successful deployment and operation of HIMARS in Ukraine has caused a domino effect in the region. Before Lithuania, neighboring Latvia requested the purchase of an undetermined number of M142 HIMARS launchers.

Not only that, in a surprise move, Poland announced in May that it had started the process of acquiring 500 units of HIMARS. Meanwhile, Estonia ordered six systems in July for $500 million.

Faced with growing demand in Ukraine and across Europe, HIMARS maker Lockheed Martin announced last month that it was ramping up production of the system. The company is ready to increase HIMARS manufacturing from its current level of 60 launchers per year to 96 launchers per year, CEO Jim Taiclet said.

HIMARS changed the fate of Ukrainian military operations

The HIMARS MLRS allowed Ukraine to quickly launch precise strikes from stand-off distances without the need for air power, compensating for the country’s undersized air force.

Using HIMARS long-range rockets, Ukrainian forces were able to decimate hundreds of Russian positions and ammunition storage facilities far from the front lines. The system has undoubtedly made Russian battlefield commanders nervous, who have repeatedly voiced their concerns.

In his first interview after taking over as commander not so long ago, Russian General Sergei Surovikin admitted that the Ukrainian counter-offensive in the southern province of Kherson had put the Russian army in a “difficult situation “. The Ukrainian offensive, mainly led by the HIMARS, pounded the Russian positions and pushed them back.

File Image: HIMARS via Twitter

A lighter version of the bulkier armored M270 multiple launch rocket system, the HIMARS, is designed to be deployed atop a truck. While Ukrainian vehicles are equipped with a Guided Multiple Launch System pod that can fire six GPS-guided rockets up to 50 miles, HIMARS is also capable of firing the Army’s Tactical Missile System, which has a significant long range.

HIMARS is remarkably accurate when used against stationary targets with precise coordinates. However, it is ineffective against moving objects such as troops; therefore, he cannot stop an advance.

However, according to some reports, Ukrainian forces have started to deploy these systems against moving convoys, albeit in a limited way.

While Russia claims to have destroyed several of these American-made systems, a senior Department of Defense official recently said Politics that Russia has failed to destroy a single HIMARS launcher since Ukraine began using them in June.

In contrast, Ukraine has used HIMARS to obliterate several critical Russian infrastructures, including bridges that cut into the heart of Russian logistics.

FIX and REPLACE XY Retail Partners with Ocra to Expand European Reach and Improve SAP Solutions for Luxury Retailers Wed, 09 Nov 2022 17:30:00 +0000

NEW YORK–()–The fifth paragraph, first sentence of the release should read: “The partnership between Ocra and XY demonstrates the shared passion we have for developing scalable technology innovations and strategic solutions for luxury retailers,” said said Fabrizio Pattarozzi, partner and co-founder of Ocra. (instead of said Thomas Ortolan, Senior Consultant at Ocra).

The updated version reads as follows:


XY Retail, the global commerce solution that helps retailers streamline omnichannel operations and foster the strongest, most meaningful and profitable relationships with their customers, today announced its partnership with Ocra Group, the innovative consultancy specializing in ERP technologies dedicated to the world of fashion. The partnership extends the reach of XY Retail’s deployment across Europe and its ability to launch the platform for SAP-dependent luxury retailers.

XY Retail is a unified cloud-based omnichannel commerce solution that helps luxury retailers drive digital transformation, increase customer loyalty, increase revenue and improve operations. With Ocra’s specialization in technologies dedicated to the world of fashion, fabric, retail, luxury and discreet manufacturing, the partnership will strengthen XY’s ability to deliver effective enterprise solutions and world class to customers using SAP.

“This partnership with Ocra will allow XY to expand its global reach and provide superior system integration and SAP services to our customers around the world,” said Susan Jeffers, CEO of XY Retail. “Ocra’s experience in IT systems management and integration gives us confidence in their ability to greatly benefit our business as we continue this period of hyper-growth.”

By combining XY Retail’s omnichannel platform with Ocra’s resources, technical expertise and support, XY Retail will be able to deliver excellence in integrating its luxury retail platform for SAP customers. while maintaining efficiency, quality and global scalability.

“The partnership between Ocra and XY demonstrates the shared passion we have for developing technological innovations and scalable strategic solutions for luxury retailers,” said Fabrizio Pattarozzi, partner and co-founder of Ocra. “Our goal is to assist XY Retail in its efforts to enhance the technology growth of its customers through the use of SAP systems.”

About XY Retail:

XY Retail is the only headless unified commerce platform and point of sale built from the ground up for retail brands that want to streamline their omnichannel operations, foster meaningful customer relationships, and redefine the in-store experience. for consumers and store associates. Luxury brands around the world have adopted XY Retail’s API-driven, mobile-centric cloud platform to modernize their stores and manage their entire global retail operations – from decision making from data, inventory management and order management to hyper-personalized customer and merchandising experiences. The platform also boosts commerce by enabling retailers to process online orders up to 300% faster. XY Retail is headquartered in New York and Milan and operates in over 23 countries. The company is backed by Stage 1 Ventures and Monta Vista Capital.

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About Ocra:

Ocra was founded in 2016 as an innovative consulting team specializing in ERP technologies dedicated to the fashion world. With a lot of passion and dedication, Ocra has achieved technological evolutions in each company, offering reliable and innovative solutions. Thanks to a dynamic and flexible structure, the company supports its resources in the constant search for innovation and the technological knowledge necessary to achieve personal and corporate objectives. For years, in collaboration with companies in the sector, Ocra has developed specific skills and competences in market processes.

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]]> Following the Fed goes out of style in the global economy “Messier” Sun, 06 Nov 2022 09:00:00 +0000

(Bloomberg) – The world’s most aggressive and synchronized monetary policy tightening in 40 years is entering a new phase as central banks prepare to slow the pace of interest rate hikes and break ranks on the distance to be covered.

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The shift to a softer and less uniform rate hike campaign partly reflects growing disparities in a global economy still grappling with the aftermath of the pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Another explanation is that the debt burden makes some economies more susceptible than others to a credit crunch.

U.S. growth remains resilient for now in the face of repeated rate hikes by the Federal Reserve, which signaled last week that it would likely raise rates to a higher high than expected, but perhaps at lower increments. . Many on Wall Street see the US policy rate going above 5% next year.

By contrast, the UK, Australia and Canada are already retreating or signaling they won’t be as impactful in the coming months, fearing the Fed could push their economies into recessions.

Moving away from what TS Lombard economist Dario Perkins calls “peak monetary synchronization” will not be without problems.

The Fed-induced surge in the dollar this year is already wreaking havoc among heavily indebted developing nations and advanced nations that depend on energy and other imports priced in US dollars.

“Things could get even more complicated” if U.S. policymakers pursue further rate hikes and central bankers in weaker economies decide not to match them, Perkins wrote in a report to clients last week.

The developing divergence was fully visible last week. While the Fed and the Bank of England have raised interest rates by 75 basis points, their respective leaders have taken different tones on what lies ahead.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell stressed that the central bank had “some way to go” before it finished raising rates even as it opened the door to a lower increase in December. The US benchmark is now 3.75% to 4%.

Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey pushed back on market expectations about the scale of future increases, fearing such a trajectory could deepen a virtually guaranteed recession.

The dollar initially rose after Powell’s remarks while the pound fell after Bailey’s.

Bond markets have been rocked over the past six months as investors, buoyed by hopes that a Fed pivot would lead to an easier international political landscape, have suffered a series of disappointments.

That sent the Bloomberg Global Bond Index to an unprecedented loss of around 20% year-to-date.

For much of the past year, central banks have engaged in what the Bank of America Corp economist said. Ethan Harris called it “a contest to see who can grow the fastest”.

This made sense given that inflation had caught them off guard by hitting decade highs with historically low rates.

But now the picture is changing even with inflation still well above target in most places.

Borrowing costs are significantly higher and are starting to eat away at growth or labor markets.

Some economies are also more sensitive than others to rising rates due to household and corporate debt or housing markets being stretched or boosted by variable rate mortgages. Among them, according to Perkins: the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Norway.

“These economies will suffer a recession long before the Fed causes a US economic slowdown,” he said.

It should therefore come as no surprise that monetary policymakers in some of these countries have already halted or reduced the magnitude of their rate moves.

A general decline in aggressiveness always signals “the end of the beginning” of the rate hike campaign, according to Gilles Moec, chief economist at AXA SA.

An index from Credit Suisse Group AG shows that dovish central bank surprises have recently started to outnumber hawkish ones.

But hawks say that despite all the talk of pivots, the peak in global rates has yet to be reached and may not be until the end of the first quarter of next year or even longer if the inflation does not fade.

Bloomberg Economics sees its global key rate hitting 5.5% by the middle of next year, up from 2.9% at the end of 2021. In advanced economies alone, a jump to 3.5% from 0.1% is expected.

Like the Fed, the European Central Bank could stay ahead of the curve with inflation north of 10%. “Our job is far from done,” Chairman Christine Lagarde said last week, noting that rates will need to enter restrictive territory to bring prices down.

Headline global inflation stands at 9%, nearly five times the 2% that most central banks consider price stability, according to Citigroup Inc. economists, who see a 50% chance of a global recession next year.

Markets are now betting on a slower pace of tightening, but a higher endpoint. The average cash rate in advanced economies jumped almost 2 percentage points in 2022 and investors see that average climbing by about another percentage point in the coming months.

The Fed’s benchmark index a year from now is expected to be 2.5 percentage points above the average of other major advanced economies, the widest deviation since at least 2004. That premium is part of the reason why the ICE dollar index has soared this year to head for a record annual gain

“The Fed continues to promise more and the dollar continues to rise,” said Harris, head of global economic research for Bank of America.

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Leigh-Anne Pinnock looks glamorous in a black and latte corset dress at the Black Panther premiere Thu, 03 Nov 2022 20:52:55 +0000

Leigh-Anne Pinnock showcases her glamorous sense of style in a black, latte corset dress with a thigh-high slit at the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever premiere

Leigh-Anne Pinnock was the epitome of glamor as she attended the European premiere of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever at Cineworld Leicester Square in London on Thursday.

The singer, 31, wore a black, latte dress with a corset top and a thigh-high slit at the side of the skirt.

She posed confidently with her leg to the side, wearing a pair of long black gloves to match her ensemble.

In style: Leigh-Anne Pinnock was the epitome of glamor as she attended the European premiere of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever in London on Thursday

The former Little Mix star wore a black handbag with a metallic silver bow on the front.

She added inches to her stature by opting for a pair of platform high heels and wore makeup to highlight her pretty features.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is expected to generate blockbuster ticket sales in its opening weekend after its theatrical release on November 11, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

<a class=Fashion focus: The singer, 31, wore a black latte dress with a corset top and a thigh-high slit at the side of the skirt” class=”blkBorder img-share” style=”max-width:100%” />

Fashion focus: The singer, 31, wore a black latte dress with a corset top and a thigh-high slit at the side of the skirt

Strike a pose: She posed confidently with her leg to the side, wearing a pair of long black gloves to match her ensemble

Ponytail: Leigh-Anne wore a long hair extension to exaggerate her lengths

Strike a pose: She posed confidently with her leg to the side, wearing a pair of long black gloves to match her ensemble

The predecessor to the highly anticipated sequel debuted to $202 million domestically in February 2018 and went on to earn $1.34 billion at the worldwide box office.

The Marvel adaptation, also directed by Ryan Coogler, became one of the highest-grossing films of all time.

At the time, it became the first film since Avatar – the highest-grossing film of all time – to top the box office for five consecutive weekends.

Accessorizing: The former Little Mix star wore a black handbag with a metallic silver bow on the front

Accessorizing: The former Little Mix star wore a black handbag with a metallic silver bow on the front

Star quality: she wore makeup to highlight her pretty features and accessorized with a pair of dazzling earrings

Star quality: she wore makeup to highlight her pretty features and accessorized with a pair of dazzling earrings

In the original, the late actor, Chadwick Boseman, who died in 2020, starred as the title character of Black Panther, amid a cast that also included Michael B. Jordan and Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o.

Many cast members from the first film expressed interest in returning for a follow-up, though plans were complicated when Boseman tragically died of colon cancer.

It was later confirmed that plans for a sequel would move forward and the late actor’s role would not be recast.

Looking back: Leigh-Anne was seen looking over her shoulder as she posed as she arrived at the glitzy event

Looking back: Leigh-Anne was seen looking over her shoulder as she posed as she arrived at the glitzy event

Exciting: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is set to draw blockbuster ticket sales in its opening weekend after its November 11 theatrical release, according to The Hollywood Reporter

Exciting: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is set to draw blockbuster ticket sales in its opening weekend after its November 11 theatrical release, according to The Hollywood Reporter

Filming for the project began in June last year and continued until its team ended last March.

The latest Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer confirmed a new Black Panther after King T’Challa’s death and showed off a new hero for the first time.

The action-packed two-minute clip was released by Marvel last month as it showed someone taking over after the death of Boseman’s character in addition to Ironheart being shown for the first time.

The very end of the trailer showed a woman in a tacky costume much like T’Challa’s, presumably her sister Shuri who is played by Letitia Wright.

Another major moment was the first glimpse of Ironheart in a steel suit as she flies through the air much like Iron Man.

Return!  The predecessor to the highly anticipated sequel debuted to $202 million domestically in February 2018 and went on to earn $1.34 billion at the worldwide box office.

Return! The predecessor to the highly anticipated sequel debuted to $202 million domestically in February 2018 and went on to earn $1.34 billion at the worldwide box office.


Europe round-up: Cristhian Stuani secures unlikely point from Girona to Real Madrid Mon, 31 Oct 2022 08:42:01 +0000

Vinicius Jr. eased the home fans’ frustrations when he made the breakthrough in the 70th minute, but 10 minutes later Cristhian Stuani equalized from the spot after a handball from Marco Asensio.

Rodrygo had a late effort ruled out by VAR for a foul on goalkeeper Paulo Gazzaniga, and to compound Real’s sense of unfairness, Toni Kroos was sent off deep into injury time.

Athletic Bilbao secured their first win in five as Inaki Williams fired home a sublime effort just before the hour mark to sink Villarreal 1-0 at San Mames.

Two goals in the final four minutes from Juan Cruz and Borja Iglesias helped Real Betis to a 2-0 victory at Real Sociedad.

An early penalty from Ezequiel Avila and a 19th-minute effort from Moi Gomez was enough for Osasuna to extend their unbeaten run to three games with a 2-0 win at home to Real Valladolid.


AC Milan suffered a blow in their Serie A title defense as they lost 2-1 in Turin to fall six points behind leaders Napoli.

Two goals within two minutes from Koffi Djidji and Aleksei Miranchuk towards the end of the first half put the hosts in control and Junior Messias’ response after the break was not enough.

Milan’s loss lifted Atalanta to second place in the table after goals from Hans Hateboer and Ademola Lookman secured a 2-0 victory at Empoli.

Lazio’s hopes of increasing the pressure on the teams above them fell flat despite Mattia Zaccagni’s 41st-minute opener at home to Salernitana.

The visitors equalized through a lob from Antonio Candreva before strikes from Federico Fazio and Boulaye Dia secured an impressive 3-1 win for Davide Nicola’s mid-table side.

Arthur Cabral netted a last-minute winner as Fiorentina returned to form with a 2-1 win at Spezia.

Nikola Milenkovic’s opener for the visitors was canceled by M’Bala Nzola but Spezia’s Dimitris Nikolaou was sent off with eight minutes remaining.

Cremonese remain bottom of the table without a win after being held to a draw at home by Udinese.


Union Berlin came back top of the Bundesliga in spectacular fashion as they fought back late to beat Borussia Mönchengladbach 2-1.

The visitors led thanks to a Nico Elvedi goal in the first half, but substitute Kevin Behrens headed the equalizer in the 79th minute and Danilho Doekhi headed in the winner from a corner seventh minute into added time.

Freiburg reclaimed third place as a Vincenzo Grifo brace saw them win 2-0 at record-low Schalke, while Cologne and Hoffenheim tied the points in a 1-1 draw.

the league

Rennes moved up to third place in Ligue 1 thanks to goals from Martin Terrier, Arnaud Kalimuendo and Amine Gouiri that saw them overtake Montpellier for their fifth successive victory.

But top-flight Lorient slipped to a 2-1 loss at home to Nice, for whom goals from Youcef Atal and Gaetan Laborde canceled out Dango Ouattara’s opener.

Alexandre Lacazette scored the only goal as Lyon beat Lille 1-0, while second-half strikes from Breel Embolo and Aleksandr Golovin helped Monaco to a 2-0 win over Angers.

Hamza Sakhi’s eighth-minute goal gave Auxerre a 1-0 win over fellow countryman Ajaccio. Both teams finished with 10 men after M’Baye Niang of Auxerre and Cédric Avinel of Ajaccio were sent off in the second half.

Nantes were held 1-1 at home to Clermont while the match between Brest and Reims ended in a 0-0.

Does the environmental footprint of EU products allow greenwashing? – Supply Log Fri, 28 Oct 2022 21:23:02 +0000

The Higg Material Durability Index is not the only impact measurement tool facing questions.

Two different coalitions wrote to the European Commission this month, expressing concern over an eco-labeling methodology intended to assess the environmental cost of a product from material acquisition through processing, distribution, use and end of life.

the said Product environmental footprintbetter known by its acronym PEF, is currently “not fit for purpose” and could “license greenwashing,” according Make the label counta campaign whose members include Australian Wool Innovation, the Campaign for Wool, the Changing Markets Foundation, Cotton Australia, Fibershed, the International Sericulture Commission, the International Wool Textile Organization and the Plastic Soup Foundation.

The main point of contention in the campaign is the absence of three “key” indicators: release of microplastics, plastic waste and circularity. Although targeted strategies exist for each under the EU Microplastics Initiative and the EU strategy for sustainable and circular textileshe said, targeted indicators to measure and report on progress in these areas “are lacking”.

Too much is known about the harmful effects of microplastic pollution, for example, to prevent this information from reaching consumers, Make the Label Count said. And given the “significant” contribution of synthetic clothing to fast fashion and plastic waste, a clearly defined plastic waste indicator that makes solid waste generation the least preferred option, should not be a “controversial idea”. Currently, only a minimum weight, representing less than 1% of a product’s score, is given to fibers derived from fossil fuels such as polyester, which “will not influence consumer choices”, says the letter.

Similarly, the commission “underestimates” processes such as biological circularity and renewal of inputsthat does not send a “strong market signal” that will help the European Union achieve its ambitious circularity goals.

“Proof that the growth of cheap synthetic clothes is closely correlated with the growth of fast fashion is compelling,” the coalition said. “Omitting indicators related to synthetic clothing, including microplastics, plastic waste and circularity, will show that clothing made from fossil materials is more sustainable, guiding well-meaning consumers to buy more rather than less. clothes mainly responsible for fast fashion.”

Another set of advocacy groups, including the Changing Markets Foundation, Clean Clothes Campaign and Fashion Revolution, were concerned that the PEF, as it stands, paints a “limited and non-holistic picture” of product impact and does not should therefore not be used as a stand-alone method. justify corporate green claimsan issue that has received increasing attention from regulators in recent months.

Like Make the Label Count, organizations say the full lifecycle impact of a product is not sufficiently considered and the methodology risks rewarding recycle PET bottles in polyester fibers by not including microplastic release measurements. Social impacts are also absent, they said, because LCA studies do not shed light on the conditions under which the products were made. Others that deserve more attention are hazardous chemicals, biodiversity and animal welfare.

Crucially, the PEF isn’t about fast fashion, their letter says.

“The EU textile strategy establishes a clear link between fast fashion and the increasing use of fossil synthetic fibres,” he said. “At the same time, the PEF method has proven ineffective in capturing the non-physical durability (or ’emotional’ durability) of a product, i.e. the idea that it is not only physical properties of a product (such as fiber strength) that determine whether it will be used and worn for a long time; factors such as price and trend timing also play a role. due to the fact that not all aspects of the life cycle are covered as indicated above), there is a risk that the method favors synthetic fibers which have led to overproduction.

Baptiste Carriere-Pradal, Chairman of Policy Hub, a think tank founded by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Global Fashion Agenda and the Federation of European Sporting Goods Industry, as well as Chairman of the Technical Secretariat of the PEF Project, said that the framework is always “scalable”. During its pilot phase, 14 indicators were included. Now in its second iteration, the PEF impact categories number 16, with a circularity formula that takes biodegradability and “other elements” into account. It’s a welcome addition, he told Sourcing Journal.

“Make the Label is asking for the inclusion of microplastics, while some NGOs are asking for biodiversity,” Carrière-Pradal said. “There is a consensus, from industry to policy makers and civil society, that in the future more impact categories would benefit from being included as part of the PEF. All of these points are explored by the European Commission and all stakeholders look forward to further exploring expanding the scope of the PEF.

But there is a reason not to delay the rollout of the PEF, he said. With the climate crisis escalating, “it is important to have, as soon as possible, an agreed way of measuring the product footprint intended to be communicated to consumers, starting with the 16 impact categories identified”, Carriere-Pradal said, adding that “time is of the essence.

Since the “realistic inclusion” of new impacts will take at least five to ten years to mature, the development of such indicators must take place while the commission strengthens future PEF guidelines, he said.

“Therefore, it is important that the forthcoming regulations on the substantiation of green claims recognize PEF as the only approved method to communicate on the 16 impact categories already identified, while allowing additional impact to be communicated, such as microplastics. , and while working collaboratively on the inclusion of future new impacts and refining the methodology for the future,” said Carrière-Pradal.

Adidas ends partnership with Kanye West over anti-Semitism and hate speech Tue, 25 Oct 2022 11:30:00 +0000
  • Adidas immediately ends its partnership
  • Decision to weigh $250 million on 2022 net income
  • Adidas sole owner of design rights

October 25 (Reuters) – Adidas AG (ADSGn.DE) is ending its partnership with Kanye West immediately, the sporting goods maker said on Tuesday, reacting to a wave of offensive behavior from the American rapper and creator.

“Adidas does not tolerate anti-Semitism and any other type of hate speech,” the German company said.

“Ye’s recent comments and actions have been unacceptable, hateful and dangerous, and they violate the company’s values ​​of diversity and inclusion, mutual respect and fairness,” he said, using the rapper’s artist name.

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A lawyer representing Kanye West did not respond to a request for comment.

The end of the partnership and the production of Yeezy-branded products, as well as the cessation of all payments to Ye and his companies “will have a short-term negative impact” of up to $250 million “on the net profit of Yeezy. ‘Adidas this year, the company said, partly because the Christmas quarter tends to see greater demand in general.

Adidas put the partnership under review earlier in October “after repeated efforts to resolve the situation privately.”

Ye has courted controversy in recent months by publicly ending major corporate ties and due to social media outbursts against other celebrities. His Twitter and Instagram accounts were restricted, with social media platforms deleting some of his online posts that users condemned as anti-Semitic.

In now-deleted Instagram posts from earlier this year, the multiple Grammy-winning artist accused Adidas and US clothing retailer Gap Inc. (GPS.N) for failing to build contract-promised permanent stores for products from its Yeezy fashion line.

He also accused Adidas of stealing his designs for its own products.

Gap and Ye ended their partnership in September. European fashion house Balenciaga has also severed ties with Ye, according to media reports.

Adidas poached Ye from rival Nike Inc (NKE.N) in 2013 and entered into a new long-term partnership in 2016 in what the company then called “the most significant partnership ever created between a non-athlete and a sports brand”.

The tie-up, which produced several “Yeezy”-branded Adidas sneakers that cost between $200 and $700, helped the German brand close the gap with Nike in the US market.

Yeezy generates about 1.5 billion euros ($1.47 billion) in annual sales for Adidas, or just over 7% of its total revenue, according to Telsey Advisory Group estimates.

Shares of Adidas, which cut its forecast for the full year last week, fell about 3.8%. The group said it would provide more information as part of its next third-quarter earnings announcement on Nov. 9.

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Reporting by Mrinmay Dey and Uday Sampath in Bengaluru; Editing by Tomasz Janowski, Sriraj Kalluvila and Bernadette Baum

Our standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

MW INTL GROUP announces strategic partnership with European labels, adding Missoni and Lanvin to its wholesale offerings Sat, 22 Oct 2022 05:53:28 +0000

Fashion leader maximizes brand exposure and profits for key department store, e-tailer and multi-brand boutique customers

NEW YORK – October 22, 2022 – MW INTL Group (MWI) today announced the launch of an exclusive relationship with European labels Missoni and Lanvin. MWI specializes in accessories for men and women. The company is dedicated to providing bespoke and highly personalized services to the elite of the fashion world. He presents expert strategies to every brand he represents, providing relevant real-time data to wholesale fashion networks and advice on increasing profit share. MW INTL GROUP connects luxury brands to over 150 of the world’s best boutiques, e-commerce platforms and department stores.

Based in New York, MWI is led by female entrepreneur Angélique Wohmann, who represents some of the most exclusive European luxury brands in the United States and North America.

The agency represents the following exclusive and iconic luxury brands: – Soft Missoni Accessories – Soft Lanvin Accessories – Soft Givenchy Accessories – Soft Moschino Accessories – Moschino Umbrellas – Gladys Tamez Hats – Barbieri Scarves

MWI operates a multi-brand showroom and brand development agency for luxury fashion brands. The company partners with the most successful fashion industry leaders, presenting to the domestic and international fashion markets, live and online during the spring/summer and fall/winter seasons. The MWI team will always be present at strategic and key events in New York, Los Angeles, Milan and Paris throughout the year. MWI is currently expanding into footwear and ready-to-wear with the intention of maximizing customer exposure and sales results.

“I have a huge love and respect for luxury brands and always knew fashion was my destiny,” Wohmann said. “The agency is positioned to bring all of our clients the very best of first-class global designers. We understand that our clients have specific goals and ways of doing business. To this end, we develop and maintain long-lasting partnerships. term within our retailer networks and building their North American distribution through wholesale channels.

Wohmann serves its customers one season ahead. Ideally, Wohmann ensures his agency is ten steps ahead of the competition. It anticipates trends and markets to meet the wants and needs of its customers and is always best in class.

She added, “I never expected to become a young entrepreneur, especially in New York, because the industry can be very tough on young people. The challenges are endless, but they aren’t intimidating and haven’t stopped me from pursuing my fashion journey. I wouldn’t change lanes for anything in the world. I hope to inspire young women to follow and work hard to achieve their dreams. Recently, I partnered with WindowsWear. This new experience is rewarding and I look forward to continuing to help and inspire young people to follow their calling and find their place in the fashion industry.

For more information, visit and follow us on Instagram @angeliquewohmann.

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Words matter, so let’s retrieve the true meaning of the term witch hunt Wed, 19 Oct 2022 01:00:00 +0000 Isn’t it time to reclaim the term “witch hunt”, the well-worn metaphor dear to struggling politicians, and give it back to the tens of thousands of women who were hanged and burned at the stake of the real witch? trials from the 15th to the 18th centuries?

I always think of this dark story at this time of year when Halloween is approaching, and with it, we talk about witches.

Perhaps this will be the year we move on from the season’s familiar witchy kitsch and recall the violence, torture and murder that was inflicted on some 60,000 people – 80% of them women – at the start of the modern period.

The news that a memorial to the eight women accused at the Islandmagee witch trials in Antrim in 1711 is to take place, could not come at a better time. Last Friday Maeve Donnelly, Larne Lough councilor at Mid and East Antrim Council, tweeted:

I am delighted that the memorial commemorating the 1711 Islandmagee Witch Trials (the last witch trials in Ireland) is finally moving forward after being approved in 2015 by the then Larne Borough Council.

She thanked author and journalist Martina Devlin who, since the publication of her evocative novel based on the trial ( The house where it happened), campaigns for justice to be rendered to these women convicted of witchcraft on the basis of weak evidence.

Ireland’s Last Witch Hunt

Eight women were convicted of witchcraft in 1711 after Mary Dunbar reported being tormented by witches in the locality.

She spoke of apparitions of demons, attacks and convulsions, levitating household items and vomiting of pins and feathers; the kind of “evidence” that has been used in Europe and parts of America to send thousands of innocent women, and a few men, to their deaths.

In the book possessed by the devilDr Andrew Sneddon, an expert on Irish witch trials, offers a real-life account of the trial, placing it in the context of a wider European society that truly believed the devil could take control of a person and wander among she.

While the women of Islandmagee were convicted, they were not executed. Indeed, in Ireland, unlike neighboring Scotland, witch trials were rare. Like a recent TG4 documentary A Diabhal Inti (The devil is within her) reminded us, the death toll was low, but that should not ignore the fate of Alice Kyteler’s servant, Petronella de Midia in Kilkenny in the 14th century, or Florence Newton in Kinsale in the 17th century, and others.

Our experience, however, contrasts sharply with that of Scotland, where women were routinely blamed for everything from crop failures to unexplained deaths. I was shocked when Gill Ryan, a tireless pursuer of women’s history and one of the curators of the fascinating blog, sent me a scanned card putting the names of the thousands of murdered women as ” witches”.

Scotland, she says, “has the dubious honor of having executed more witches than any other country. Over 2,500 of them in fact. Inverkeithing, a small town in Fife, managed to murder 51 of its women. Many women were condemned for healing, brewing, harassing, scolding, or failing to conform to traditional gender roles and restrictions in their Puritan communities. At least now we have a map of this cruelty. The Wikidata Witch Research Internship, organized by the University of Edinburgh and their Wikimedian-in-Residence Ewan McAndrew, mapped and named all of the women found to be witches in Scotland.

It lays bare the true horror of a society with an enthusiastic witch hunter at its head. James Vl (later James l of England) even wrote a treatise on the subject and truly believed that people – mostly women – were able to perform malevolent magic after making a pact with the devil. In Germany, the Malleus Maleficarum, a European guide to identifying, hunting and punishing witches, has only been surpassed by the Bible.

Today, at least, the heinous crimes of the past are widely acknowledged. On International Women’s Day this year, Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister, issued an apology to ‘all who have been accused, convicted, libeled or executed under the Witchcraft Act 1563’ .

This followed a campaign by the Witches of Scotland to bring justice to all women – and men – convicted of witchcraft. They wanted a legal pardon, an apology and a national memorial.

In other countries, it is done slowly. There are memorials in Germany, the French and Spanish Basque Country and soon there will be one here too.

A sentence to throw away

Given the welcome emphasis on this bloody past, why do politicians still use this term when under pressure?

One of the main offenders is former US President Donald Trump. He uses the words “witch hunt” an average of 1.3 times a day, according to a journalist count.

He did it again last week when he received a subpoena to testify under oath about the Jan. 6 riots at the United States Capitol. But like the boy who cried wolf, he is not taken seriously. Or so we might hope.

The term is also used much closer to home. In April, for example, Taoiseach Micheál Martin described an attempt to bring Robert Watt, general secretary of the Department of Health, before a committee of the Oireachtas as a “witch hunt”.

John McGuiness, chairman of the Oireachtas finance committee, took him to task, saying the committee was only interested in transparency and accountability.

It’s a familiar ding-dong in public life where everyone among politicians on all sides and a number of interest groups shout “witch hunt” when the piercing gaze of the investigation is upon them.

When the term was first used in a metaphorical sense, it was describing the pervasive fear and mass hysteria that characterized McCarthyism, the US government’s campaign of the 1950s to seek out would-be communists and blacklist them. .

This, however, was an apt representation of the kind of insidious belief systems that informed the infamous Salem witch trials in Massachusetts several centuries earlier, a point made very forcefully by Arthur Miller in his play. the crucible.

Since then, however, it has been used in thoughtless remarks by groups ranging from winemakers and taxi drivers to bookmakers and, of course, politicians who are quick to play the victim when they are, too often , the aggressor.

Isn’t it time for this to stop? Their flippant – and, I think, cynical – use of the term belittles the violence inflicted in the very real witch trials that continue in some parts of the world to this day.

It also hides the fact that metaphorical witch hunts are still very much with us; those moral panics fueled and inflamed by social media that are very often based on misinformation and aimed at “altering” vulnerable groups.

Words matter, so let’s retrieve the true meaning of the term witch hunt. Maybe in years to come, we’ll even set Halloween aside as a day of remembrance for all those who died because of whispering campaigns and the wickedness of misinformed words.