Youth trends

Kids throw beans on doorsteps for TikTok

It is, as it always has been, impossible to say for sure whether the children are well or not. For every promising youngster, we hear from others who are setting or following social media trends about things like volunteering.i have diarrhea from eating frozen honey on camera. For every genius …

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Digital trends shaping your business

As more businesses go online, the future is shifting towards a digitally driven economy. For more than a year, the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated technological change. Business leaders will need to make decisive strategic decisions that can make or break a business in a rapidly changing digital environment. They also …

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triple j and the tweet heard in Australia

Dn the last days of August 2021, a harmless meme floated across Twitter, in which people play with the cliché pickup line “Does it hurt?” When you fell from the sky? It was there, quietly gaining ground in increasingly silly and surreal ways, when yesterday (August 31) someone from the …

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