Nia Style Wed, 24 Nov 2021 23:44:14 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Nia Style 32 32 China explodes as Lithuania allows Taiwan to open representative office Wed, 24 Nov 2021 23:44:14 +0000 China lambasted Lithuania, warning that it would “pay the price” for allowing Taiwan to open a de facto embassy in its capital Vilnius.

China has criticized Lithuania after the Baltic country allowed Taiwan to open a representative office – a de facto embassy – in its capital Vilnius.

The People’s Republic of China is furious that the new office is titled “Taiwan” instead of “Taipei”.

Beijing considers Taiwan to be a separatist province, although it has never ruled the island. Taiwan has been ruled separately since Chinese nationalists withdrew to the island at the end of the Chinese Civil War in 1949.

Beijing interprets any gesture that gives Taiwan international legitimacy as an insult.

China officially downgraded diplomatic relations with Lithuania on Sunday.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said Lithuania must “pay a price” for flouting the “one China” principle.

China is now considering taking punitive measures targeting economic cooperation and trade with Lithuania.

Zhao said China will take all necessary measures to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity and protect its fundamental interests, a Beijing-backed newspaper said. World time reported.

“The Chinese government had to lower diplomatic relations between the two countries … to safeguard its sovereignty and basic standards of international relations,” the ministry said in a statement announcing the demotion to charge d’affaires level.

“The Lithuanian government has to bear all the consequences that result. “

He added that Lithuania had “renounced the political commitment made during the establishment of diplomatic relations” with China.

In an editorial, the World time said that “punishing” Lithuania was like “crushing a fly”.

“Lithuania is just a clown playing bravado and loyalty. China will certainly give it a hard blow, ”the Beijing-backed newspaper wrote.

Taiwan lives under the constant threat of a Chinese invasion.

Defense Minister Peter Dutton said this month that it would be inconceivable for Australia not to join the United States if Washington took steps to defend Taiwan.

Lithuania described as “crazy little country”

Earlier this year, the World time warned that Lithuania “pay the price for his bad deed of breaking international rulesAnd described it as a “crazy little country full of geopolitical fears.”

Lithuania has a population of less than 3 million, while China is the most populous country on the planet with over 1.4 billion people. The area of ​​the Baltic country is about 0.84% ​​the size of Australia

China has become increasingly sensitive to any reference to Taiwan on the international stage.

In April, Communist Party spokesperson blasted NASA for the “unforgivable” crime of including “Taiwan” in the “Country” option of the “Submit Your Name” application page. on Mars “.

China has also asked fashion giant H&M to change a “problematic” map on its website.

The fashion retailer was asked to study various Chinese laws, “to strengthen its knowledge of the national territory and to actually ensure the standardized use of the Chinese card.”

The Swedish fashion retailer then agreed to change the card.

Australia officially adheres to the one-China policy, which means it does not recognize Taiwan as a country.

It maintains, however, informal contacts with Taiwan to promote economic, commercial and cultural interests, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison caused a stir in May when he said on 3AW that Australia had “always understood” the “One country, two systems” arrangement and “would continue to follow our policies there”.

The opening of the Vilnius office is the latest sign that some Baltic and Central European countries are seeking closer relations with Taiwan, even if it irritates China.

In May, Lithuania announced that it was leaving China’s 17 + 1 cooperation forum with central and eastern European states, calling it a “divisive source,” AFP reports.

Politicians in the Czech Republic have also pushed for closer ties with Taiwan. Only 15 countries officially recognize Taipei to the detriment of Beijing.

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Here’s Why Fashion Magazines Are Thriving In China (Psst! They’re Celebrities) Wed, 24 Nov 2021 11:39:42 +0000

Leon Chang, a Beijing-based feature film director working in fashion media, thinks this year has been a turning point for fashion media.

Growing up as a fan of couture and fashion, Chang charted his future from a young age. Even in high school, he knew he would one day be the editor of a fashion-focused publication.

Last May, he accepted an offer from a newly launched magazine, climbing to a managerial level after years of internships and, later, editorial work.

The publication, GLASS Review, is a British fashion title targeting a female audience. And although the title has been published on Queen’s Floor since 2009, it only launched a Chinese edition last March.

As a newcomer, A GLASS quickly gained recognition in the competitive field of fashion media.

“Here we have a special method of managing fashion magazines,” says Chang, explaining that the publication does business collaborations with brands to take advantage of creative content.

“The Chinese market is very special,” he adds. Specifically, Chang is referring to China’s lucrative celebrity economy, which thrives in the age of social media, making the magazine industry profitable.

As the print media industry experiences a decline in much of the Western world, it may surprise some to learn that fashion publications in China are booming.

In reality, A GLASS isn’t even the last to join the crowd of magazines vying for a place at the top.

Another British fashion magazine, ATTITUDE, was launched this month under the aegis of a new company founded by former Condé Nast China publisher Paco Tang. ATTITUDE published its first article in Chinese on the digital platform WeChat on November 18.

Additionally, the biannual British fashion magazine Schön! launched its Chinese version last month, while in June, the Spanish fashion magazine Metal also launched a Chinese edition.

Aside from international headlines, the Chinese market is also full of local fashion magazines, with several national publications launching this year including COSTS, XBlush, and PAUSE.

It looks like fashion magazines in China are, perhaps unexpectedly, thriving, with the domestic market opening new doors in an industry said to be dying.

More for readers

On September 20, 12 teams of the film The Battle of Changjin Lake gathered in Beijing for the Beijing International Film Festival. Hordes of directors, producers and film actors walked the red carpet, answering journalists’ questions.

The film crews also did something unusual – a fashion shoot in the cinema.

“Today, fashion magazines are more of a creative agency,” Chang explains. “In addition to The Battle of Changjin Lake, we also collaborated with another movie called Everything about my mother.

He explains to RADII that the way fashion magazines work today looks like Business-to-business (B2B) transactions, targeting commercial brands instead of regular readers.

“We offer fashion photo ops, interviews and magazine covers to our clients, and we have already done a lot of business projects with brands and films,” Chang says.

GLASS Chinafashion shoot for film The Battle of Changjin Lake. Image via Weibo

A great example of how magazines are turning to brand collaborations: September 27, GLASS Review job a video for the Italian fashion brand Max & Co on Weibo, a Chinese microblogging platform. The footage is less than a minute long and features an emerging actress Tan Songyun, which has over 23 million subscribers on Weibo.

“Back when I started working in fashion magazines, it was rare to see brands turn to fashion magazines for their advertising,” Chang says, “but that’s a good thing because the income is positive.

china fashion magazines

A selection of successful magazines on an online store on the Chinese shopping platform Taobao, among which the GQ China The October issue featuring pop idol Wang Yibo is the most popular. Screenshot via Taobao

This shift in focus highlights a startling truth: Chinese fashion magazines are abandoning readers.

“It’s all about celebrities, and the quality characteristics of fashion are diminishing,” says Maoheng Luo, a 19-year-old fashion magazine collector from Sichuan University.

Idols = Big Business

Another important component of the success of mainland Chinese fashion media is their ability to leverage celebrity popularity to tap into the culture of the country’s rabid fans.

“I borrowed a warehouse to store magazines. Go buy more guys! a celebrity fan posted on Weibo in March 2020, referring to actor Zhu Yilong’s appearance on the cover of SHEthe April issue.

And earlier this year, another celebrity fan shared records of purchases of Taobao, showing that she spent nearly 460,000 RMB to purchase more than 9,000 copies of the June 2021 issue of Vogue me, who staged it (now dishonored) idol Zhang zhehan. She bought the magazines with money raised by herself and other fans.

Clearly, fan culture in China has spiraled out of control in recent years on social media platforms like Weibo and WeChat, with many fans going to extreme financial efforts to support their idols.

This phenomenon can arguably be traced back to 2014, when Weibo launched a ranking called the ‘Star Power List‘as a benchmark for measuring the popularity of pop stars. However, the list took on new meaning for fans, as they fanatically invested money to push their idols to the top of the rankings.

Weibo has long been a major battleground for fans fighting for their idols. In August 2014, a single post from Luhan garnered over 13 million comments, beat a Guinness world record.


Luhan was featured in the book Guinness World Record 2015. Image via Weibo

Fashion magazines have taken note of the opportunity offered by the extremely popular idols. In 2015, Harper’s Bazaar China Featured Kris wu on the cover for the first time, next to Xu Jinglei. In July of the same year, he became the first male pop star to appear on Vogue Chinaon the cover, alongside American model Kendall Jenner.

“It’s really something Chinese,” Chang says, “this relationship between fashion magazines and fans, and the fact that we run WeChat accounts instead of websites.”

In recent years, Chinese fashion magazines have started launching digital magazines through WeChat’s mini-program platform to further harness the power of the stars.

In 2018, Harper’s Bazaar China launched the very first digital magazine as a WeChat mini-program, featuring actors Bai Yu and Zhu Yilong from the bestselling boys love drama Guardian. The project sold more than 400,000 copies in three days.

The content of these digital fashion magazines focuses specifically on celebrities, and with prices ranging from 5-10 RMB per issue, they are much cheaper than the print editions.

Post-show repression

After a series of celebrity scandals this year, the Chinese government has took action to curb the country’s entertainment sector. Responding to these changes could lead to a period of evolution for the fashion industry.

“Everyone is trying new approaches,” Chang says. “But to be honest, young people don’t care about fashion magazines anymore. So, at the end of the day, the best way is to understand how fashion magazines can work with commercial brands, because fashion magazines always have the best fashion talent and sources.

“I’m sure there are changes [at fashion publications], because I see the publication of more locally relevant content [since the entertainment crackdown]”says PiPiJuiCe, a leading fashion blogger with over 1.7 million subscribers on Weibo.

But at the moment, it seems Chinese fashion magazines still can’t get rid of their need for celebrities. As long as international brands need it to expand into the Chinese market, fashion magazines will need it to appeal to customers.

“Obviously, celebrities make money,” says PiPiJuiCe. “Brands always choose stars and announce new ambassadors every day. “

He tells RADII that in addition to partnering with celebrities, Chinese fashion media companies can profit from purchasing copyrights to international titles. In fact, most of the recently launched fashion magazines in China are in fact international titles published by Chinese companies which have obtained the necessary rights.

Example: the French fashion magazine Jealous has been relaunched by China’s leading fandom platform Owhat in 2019. Although the fashion magazine has only published five issues so far, and according to Chinese media, its publication schedule has changed several times.

Jealous Zheng Shuang

The first cover of Jealous China starring actress Zheng Shuang, who has since been fined for alleged tax evasion. Image via Weibo

“People just want to make quick money” PiPiJuCe adds. “The most popular business model in fashion media is to contract with international titles and approach celebrities to work with brands. If the revenues can cover the costs, then they will survive; otherwise, they will die.

Cover image via Wang Junjie

]]> ‘The Hip Hop Nutcracker’ to screen at Palace Theater Tue, 23 Nov 2021 19:49:06 +0000

The Columbus Association for the Performing Arts will present The Hip Hop Nutcracker at the Palace Theater on December 4th
Credit: Courtesy of Timothy Norris

A contemporary take on the Christmas classic “The Nutcracker” will return to the Palace Theater for the holiday season.

Based on ETA Hoffmann’s 1816 tale, “The Nutcracker Hip Hop” will be organized by the Columbus Association for the Performing Arts on December 4th. The show merges hip-hop and classical music genres, reconceptualizing The ballet “The Nutcracker” by Pyotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky from 1892 according to the association website.

Rich Corsi, the association’s vice president of programming, said this will be the fourth time “The Hip Hop Nutcracker” has come to Columbus.

“It was an incredible race,” said Corsi. “The good thing is that a lot of people who saw it like it so much that they come back every year, but there are also people who haven’t seen it, and I think it’s the reason we have so many when we put this on sale.

The show will include live music, dancing and features similar to “The Nutcracker,” such as the use of Tchaikovsky’s sheet music, Corsi said. Based on the Nutcracker Hip Hop website, the cast includes star dancers Gabriel Emphasis and Ann-Sylvia Clark, violinist Jarvis L. Benson and a DJ.

Kurtis Blow, a rapper known for his hits “Christmas Rappin ‘” and “The Breaks,” said he would be the show’s special host and open the show with a short set. He said that by combining the genres of hip-hop and classical music, the show reflects what he himself did in his early music by merging rock and roll and rap.

“This is a modern version of the original,” Blow said. “I have been a strong believer in the fusion of different musical genres since my first album. “

Similar to the original version of “The Nutcracker,” according to the website, the show follows the story of the Nutcracker Prince and Maria-Clara going on an adventure and fighting a gang of mice. Using visuals like digital graffiti, the original show will be transformed into a modern version set in New York City, according to the website.

After a year filled with health complications, including a heart transplant, Blow said he felt more grateful than ever to have a second chance at life.

Corsi said having Blow as the show’s emcee over the years has made the experience more entertaining and energetic.

“I’ve never seen someone with so much energy, and he really took this show to the next level,” Corsi said. “So we were very happy with the choice we made to have Kurtis on the show.”

Blow said the “Nutcracker Hip Hop” host was a way for him to make the most of his days. He said he now sees a goal in every day, especially after all the health issues he has overcome.

“Every day when I wake up I’m grateful and it’s amazing that I’m still alive,” Blow said. “I’m still here. You’ve heard the saying ‘any day above the ground is a good day’, haven’t you? So every day from now on is a big day for me.

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LIVE MARKETS Will Bund rates fall further in 2022? Tue, 23 Nov 2021 12:24:00 +0000
  • European stocks down 0.7%, after opening lows
  • Powell’s appointment strengthens bets on rate hike
  • Technology leads industry downturns, volatility increases
  • U.S. Equity Futures Stable After Sale

November 23 – Welcome home for real-time market coverage presented by Reuters reporters. You can share your thoughts with us at


Terminal rates have been pretty much all the rage lately as they may explain the current low levels of nominal and real yields.

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HSBC Global Research analysts have incorporated a series of terminal rate estimates into their forecasts and say they expect 10-year Bund yields to “fall instead of rising in 2022” despite monetary tightening in the United States. European Central Bank.

They argue that “the five-year maturity is the most sensitive to the start date of an ECB bull cycle according to our scenario analysis; maturities greater than 10 years are increasingly sensitive to the final rate “.

“Unless we assume a final rate higher than anything the market infers in 2021, we don’t think the fair value of 10-year Bund yields should exceed zero,” they say.

“Our current end-2021 forecast of -30bp (Germany’s 10-year yield) reflects a mix of early and cautious upside scenarios,” which the market will be slow to give up, they add.

Our forecast of -50bp at the end of 2022 is a mix of our “cautious hike” and “no-hike” scenarios.

Economists estimate the terminal or natural interest rate, which is the rate consistent with full employment, capacity utilization and stable prices.

The chart shows that the yield on German 10-year government bonds has remained below zero since May 2019.


(Stefano Rebaudo)



(11:31 GMT)

Investors shouldn’t be overly worried about the possible negative impact on economic growth resulting from this fourth wave of COVID-19 infections across Europe.

Goldman Sachs performed an analysis to conclude that the risks are “significant but manageable” in their baseline scenario.

The US bank estimates a potential impact on euro area GDP growth of 0.2 percentage point in Q4 and Q1 compared to their current forecast, and around half that in the UK.

“A significant drag but significantly lower than last winter,” they note, adding that in each scenario, activity is expected to rebound in the second and third quarters as countries lift restrictions.

“We expect additional targeted restrictions in the four big euro area countries and (to a lesser extent) in the UK, but are not seeking a return to general national lockdowns …” he says.

“Europe has significantly higher Covid immunity than last winter, which should help protect hospital capacities, especially in the South,” he adds.

The GS’s bearish scenario involves a repeat of last winter’s lockdowns, which means a cumulative 1.4% drop in euro area GDP.


(Danilo Masoni)



The bull run that has pushed many European benchmarks to surpass analysts’ targets is showing clear signs of fatigue, and now that COVID-19 and rate issues are at the top of the market narrative, many are wondering. ‘there is still an advantage.

For Christian Stocker, strategist at UniCredit in Munich, stocks have already run their course this year, but over the next 12 months he is bullish.

“European equity markets have met or even slightly exceeded our year-end index targets for this year. While we do not expect any further impetus in the near term, the environment remains constructive,” he said.

“We foresee a potential of up to 10% for European equities through the end of 2022, although the path to higher prices might not be easy,” he adds. This means that the Euro STOXX 50 could reach levels around 4,750 and the DAX climb to 18,000 points.

And Stocker is not alone.

JP Morgan also maintained its constructive stance on equities this week, “looking to use the lows to catch up” read more.

Morgan Stanley said on Friday: “We see more upside but more volatility in 2022 given macro cross-currents; our new MSCI Europe index target is up 8%.”

(Danilo Masoni)



Jerome Powell’s second run as chairman of the Federal Reserve brought out the bulls in the US dollar in strength. Money markets have advanced their expectations of a rate hike by a quarter percentage points by June of next year from September 2022, just weeks earlier.

Ten-year US Treasury yields are within 10bp of 2021 highs, while the US dollar has broken some important market levels against its rivals. What can spoil the party? A prolonged rise in bond yields can lower high-flying tech stocks and weigh on the broader market, if last night’s price action is any indicator.

Technology was the biggest drag overnight and growth stocks lagged the most after outperforming value stocks last week.

Watch this place.

(Saikat Chatterjee)


STOXX slips AT 3 WEEKS LOW (0855 GMT)

European stocks are expected to experience their worst session in nearly two months as rising COVID-19 cases and concerns about rate hikes rocked sentiment ahead of flash reads on Eurozone trade activity .

The benchmark STOXX 600 stock index (.STOXX) drops 1.5% to a 3-week low, with all sectors trading lower and tech stocks falling 2.4%. Over 86% of STOXX components traded in the red.

The worst performing is AO World, whose shares fell nearly 30% early in the session after the company warned of product shortages and slashed its earnings outlook for fiscal 2022. Read more

(Joice Alves)



When the anticipated impressions of the Purchasing Managers Indexes (PMIs) arrive, the focus will be on increases in companies’ input costs and whether they show signs of easing.

The readings could also widen the gap between robust US activity and a COVID-plagued Europe, which could further depress the euro, which hit new 16-month lows on Monday.

Monday’s Eurozone consumer confidence indicator offered a warning, falling below pre-pandemic levels. The October PMIs showed that the bloc’s activity was slowing the weakest in six months, while business costs were rising at the fastest rate in two decades. US and UK PMIs fared better, but dramatic price increases have always been evident.

A slowdown in prices would prove that central bankers are right, who have so far dismissed the surge in inflation as transitory. But Fed Chairman Jerome Powell (reappointed for another four years) on Monday spoke of the corrosive impact of inflation. The United States could also unveil an emergency oil release later today to lower energy prices. Read more.

Powell’s reappointment sent the markets into a betting frenzy on tightening policies; three rate hikes in the United States are scheduled for 2022, starting in June read more.

US Treasury yields are higher again this morning after hikes of 5 to 8 basis points on Tuesday, as the dollar entered a fifth straight week of gains against a basket of currencies.

When does this become a problem for the stock markets?

Technology stocks listed on the Nasdaq, vulnerable to higher rates, fell on Monday and are expected for another loss-making session. Even a 2% rally in bank stocks (.SPXBK) did not prevent a lower close of the S&P 500. Futures are signaling weakness there and for European stocks.

Finally, El Salvador’s plans for a billion-dollar bitcoin-backed bond don’t appear to have benefited the coin much; it remains near one-month lows read more.


Key developments that should give more direction to the markets on Tuesday:

Tuesday 23 November

-E.ON will invest $ 30 billion for the green transition learn more

– BOE MPC member Jonathan Haskel speaks

– ECB speakers: Pentti Hakkarainen, member of the ECB’s executive board

-US Treasury auctions 7-year notes, 2-year floating rate notes

-Philly Fed Non-Manufacturing Business Outlook Survey

-Emerging markets: Nigeria’s central bank meets

-American results: American Eagle, Medtronic, Best Buy, Dollar Tree, Abercrombie and Fitch, Hewlett Packard, Nordstrom, Gap, Dell

(Sujata Rao)


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WMNF | Sustainable lifestyle: sustainability in fashion Mon, 22 Nov 2021 20:08:07 +0000

During today’s sustainable living show (11/22/2021), we spoke to Leigh Anne Balzekas about sustainability in the world of fashion, especially clothing. She is co-owner and designer of The Disco Dolls Studio and co-founder and co-director of The Sewist Society.

Balzekas knew growing up that she wanted to be in the fashion industry and started saving money from a young age. While attending Florida State, she discovered the different types of fabric in clothing and wanted to learn more.

“I went to the state of Florida for fashion design and knew I wanted to do it from a young age,” Balzekas said. “I was inspired by the clothes… going to fashion school at FSU kind of requires you to be creative in your fabric choices. So my journey to sustainability came from ‘what have I got, what’s here locally’, that was 20 years ago, so we didn’t have the vast resources that we have today. “

Balzekas has been committed to sustainability since she started her fashion journey. Since the founding of Disco Dolls Studio in 2010, Balzekas has made sure to use scraps of fabric to reduce waste. It’s something she started doing even before Disco Dolls Studio.

She wants to put the environment first in every decision she makes at Disco Dolls Studio.

“Human rights and the environment really mean something to me… we all need to stand together for sustainability because that is the only way to continue living in this world and enjoying all the things we love , like nature.

When shopping for clothes, it is very likely that the textiles and fabrics used to create your clothes are coming from two different ways.

“Our fabric comes from two different streams,” Balzekas said. “One is the agricultural flow which is made up of natural fibers which are better in terms of washing and end of life, but there is a lot of industrialization of agriculture which is also a huge problem for the environment and cotton is one of those crops that consume a lot of water and pesticides … the other sector from which our textiles come is the synthetic industry which is petroleum. Petroleum is what polyester is. is nylon.

The Sewist Society was created as a solution to textile waste. By raising awareness of the overconsumption of fabrics and textiles, The Sewist Society wishes to highlight the need for a textile recycling program while providing innovative solutions for excess.

The Sewist Society has created a Patreon for those interested in sewing, mending, quilting, composting textiles, recycling fabrics, and more.

“We have a boss. You can access it through our website. And we’re going to set up our virtual community center there and if you’re on Patreon, you can actually get sessions with me if you need help on a specific project, ”Balzekas said.

Listen to the show here:

Simulation Games Market Size, Trends, Analysis, Demand, Outlook and Forecast to 2026 Mon, 22 Nov 2021 11:56:35 +0000

The report offers a comprehensive research study of the global simulation games market that includes precise forecast and analysis at the global, regional as well as country level. It provides a comprehensive view of the global simulation games market and detailed value chain analysis to help gamers closely understand the significant changes in business activities observed across the industry. It also offers an in-depth segmental analysis of the global simulation games market, where major product and application segments are highlighted. Readers are provided with actual market figures related to the global simulation games market size in terms of value and volume for the forecast period 2020-2025.

The research report on the Simulation Games market highlights the growth factors, opportunities, and challenges that the industry is expected to face in the coming years. According to the given report, the market is expected to register a CAGR of XX% during the analysis period and is expected to grow significantly. Fluctuations due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic are giving rise to uncertainties in the market. Besides declining incomes, some industries are also likely to face challenges after the pandemic.

Most companies across multiple industries have redesigned their budgets to redefine their profit trajectory in the years to come. In view of this, the study includes a granular assessment of the business landscape that will help manage market uncertainty as well as develop reliable contingency plans.

Request a copy of this report @

The report provides in-depth analysis of various market segmentations to provide a clear picture of the revenue prospects of this industry vertical.

Key points of the report:

  • Impact of COVID-19 outbreak on market growth.
  • Statistics with reference to market revenue, size and sales generated.
  • Organized presentation of industry trends.
  • Potential growth prospects.
  • Figures relative to market growth rate.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of indirect and direct sales channels.
  • The main resellers, traders and distributors in the market.

Market segmentation shown in the report:

Regional segmentation: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa.

  • Market analysis at country and regional level.
  • Market share, earned returns and accumulated sales by each region.
  • Projections of the growth rate and income of each region over the forecast period.

Types of products:

  • Online play and offline play
  • Market share predictions with reference to revenue and sales accumulated by each product segment.
  • Pricing models for each type of product.

Application spectrum:

  • Juvenile (7-17)
  • Youth (18-40)
  • Middle age (41-65) and elderly (> 66
  • Sales volume and turnover recorded by each application segment over the study period.
  • Pricing of each product segment according to its scope.

Competition overview:

  • Electronic arts
  • Colossal order
  • SCS software
  • Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development
  • Acclaimed entertainment
  • Babaroga
  • CCP and Atari games
  • Information about the company, their competitors and their manufacturing facilities.
  • Service and product offered by the main market players.
  • Figures refer to the market share, revenue generated, price and sales of each player in the industry.
  • The SWOT assessment of each company is also integrated.
  • Overview of marketing plans, market concentration rate, rate to market and other aspects of the business.

The research provides answers to the following key questions:

  • What is the expected growth rate of the simulation games market? What will the market size be for the forecast period, 2020-2025?
  • What are the main drivers of the transformation of the industry trajectory?
  • What are the major vendors dominating the simulation game industry in different regions? What are their winning strategies to stay ahead of the competition?
  • What are the market trends that business owners can build on in the years to come?
  • What are the threats and challenges expected to restrict the progress of the industry in different countries?
  • What are the top opportunities that business owners can capitalize on for the forecast period, 2020-2025?

Request customization on this report @

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BTS hitmakers mark their authority at American Music Awards Mon, 22 Nov 2021 03:33:45 +0000

NEW YORK (AP) – South Korean superstars BTS were crowned Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards on Sunday, dismissing challenges from Taylor Swift, Drake and The Weeknd as they won a total of three awards and teamed up with Coldplay for a loud “My Universe” and closed the show with “Butter”.

“Seven boys from Korea, united by the love of music, have met the love and support of all armies around the world,” BTS’s RM said after the group won their Artist of the Year for the first time. “This is all a miracle. Seriously, we would never take that for granted.

The group was also named Favorite Pop Duo or Group and received the Favorite Pop Song Award for “Butter”.

The show celebrated the best popular music for a pandemic second year with a mix of live and pre-recorded performances. Silk Sonic’s Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak kicked off the awards on a funky, R&B, prerecorded note with their “Smokin Out the Window” and Jennifer Lopez prerecorded her “On My Way” from her upcoming romantic comedy “Marry Me.”

A previous scheduled performance of “Butter” by BTS and Megan Thee Stallion was dropped after the rapper cited personal reasons for dropping out on Saturday. She turned out to be a big winner: Named Favorite Female Hip-Hop Artist, her “Good News” won the Favorite Hip-Hop Album Award, and her “Body” was crowned Favorite Trending Song, a new award this year.

Olivia Rodrigo entered the evening with seven nominations in the lead, but only won the crown of Favorite New Artist of the Year. “Writing songs is my favorite all over the world and I am very grateful to everyone who has adopted my music,” she said.

Rodrigo lost his favorite pop album to Taylor Swift’s “evermore”. In a recorded speech, Swift told her fans, “I’m so lucky to be in your life.” Swift also won the Favorite Female Pop Artist Award, giving her a career total of 34, the record for the most awarded artist in AMA history.

Rodrigo performed his hit “traitor” live on a flower-covered stage and Carrie Underwood and Jason Aldean brought some country to the stage when they sang their pre-recorded duet “If I Didn’t Love You”. With a little help from Julieta Venegas and Tainy, Bad Bunny performed her hit “Lo Siento BB: /”.

Among the live performances, Italian band Måneskin made their US Awards debut with their viral hit “Beggin”. twerk. Mickey Guyton received loud cheers as he sang his patriotic song “All American” in a silver dress, periodically shouting “How are you?”

The fan-voted awards show was broadcast live from Los Angeles on ABC. The nominees were based on streaming, album and digital sales, radio broadcast and social activity, and reflect the period September 25, 2020 to September 23, 2021.

Becky G won the Favorite Female Latin Artist Award and gave thanks to the Latinx community. “You are not alone,” she said. “We are the American dream.”

Machine Gun Kelly won the Favorite Rock Artist Award. “I want to accept this for all budding musicians, whoever wants to play an instrument, wants to rap, wants to sing – not just rock artists, but all artists,” he said.

Earlier Sunday, in the awards announced before the show, Swift was named Favorite Female Pop Artist, Ed Sheeran received Favorite Male Award and Doja Cat with SZA on “Kiss Me More” was named Collaboration of the Year. Kanye West has been named Favorite Gospel Artist.

Underwood won the award for Favorite Inspirational Artist and Favorite Female Country Artist and Doja Cat also won two other awards: Favorite R&B Female Artist and her “Planet Her” was named Favorite R&B Album.

Luke Bryan was named Favorite Country Artist and Bad Bunny was Favorite Male Latin Artist. The Weeknd was crowned Favorite Male R&B Artist and Drake won Favorite Male Hip-Hop Artist. Gabby Barrett won Favorite Country Album for “Goldmine” and Favorite Country Song for “The Good Ones”.

For older viewers, New Edition and New Kids on the Block performed together. The Boston-based bands take turns with the hits, swapping hits: “You Got It (The Right Stuff”), “Candy Girl”, “Step By Step”, “Mr. Telephone Man” and banding together for “Can you stand the rain “,” Is this the end “,” Hangin ‘Tough “and” If this ain’t love “.

Favorite Latin album went to Bad Bunny’s “El Último Tour Del Mundo”.

Host Cardi B, wearing a constant stream of new outfits, turned the crowd upside down. Later, his song “Up” was named the favorite hip-hop song. The Associated Press was unable to transmit footage of Cardi B while on stage as her representatives needed approval, a restriction the PA would not agree to.


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Inter set title scorer as Martínez claim thrilling victory over Napoli | European club football Sun, 21 Nov 2021 21:08:00 +0000

International ended NaplesAn unbeaten start to the Serie A season after coming from behind to claim a thrilling 3-2 victory at San Siro on Sunday, closing the gap to the leaders to four points.

The game was played at a fierce pace, with Napoli quickly gaining the advantage thanks to a powerful strike from Piotr Zielinski in the 17th minute.

However, Inter did not drop their heads, equalizing on a Hakan Calhanoglu penalty eight minutes later, before Ivan Perisic completed the turnaround just before half-time.

Inter took control just after the hour mark, with Lautaro Martínez putting the finishing touches on a quick counterattack. Dries Mertens put Napoli back in the game with 12 minutes left, coming back to 25 meters, but that was not enough to prevent Luciano Spalletti’s leaders from suffering a first defeat in 13 Serie A games, as Inter , third, scored a goal in the title race.

“Today we had to show what we are capable of,” Martínez told DAZN. “We do it right, but sometimes the result doesn’t work in our favor. We had an intense game and with character we got the points we need. “

Napoli received a heavy blow early in the second half when their top scorer Victor Osimhen was sent off with a nasty head injury. Mario Rui almost equalized dramatically in stoppage time.

Ghanaian substitute Felix Afena-Gyan’s first senior goals earned José Mourinho Rome a 2-0 win at Genoa. Henrikh Mkhitaryan believed he gave Roma the lead in the first half with a thunderous strike, only for the eagle-eyed referee to nullify the goal after spotting a hand from Tammy Abraham.

Felix Afena-Gyan (center) celebrates after scoring Roma’s debut goal in Genoa. Photography: Simone Arveda / EPA

The visitors looked like they had to settle for a frustrating draw in Andriy Shevchenko’s first game as Genoa coach. However, 18-year-old Afena-Gyan scored in the 82nd minute, running to celebrate with a jubilant Mourinho, before closing a second in stoppage time. The victory, only Roma’s second in eight matches in all competitions, propelled Mourinho’s men to fifth place.

In Spain real Madrid sailed to a 4-1 victory at Grenade Sunday as Toni Kroos gave a masterclass with two assists to send them provisionally to the top of La Liga.

Marco Asensio, Nacho Fernández, Vinícius Jr and Ferland Mendy were aiming for Madrid, who are two points ahead of second-placed Sevilla, and third-placed Real Sociedad, who face Valencia later on Sunday.

Real Madrid's Toni Kroos finds his way through Granada in his side's 4-1 win.
Real Madrid’s Toni Kroos finds his way through Granada in his side’s 4-1 win. Photography: Álex Cámara / NurPhoto / Shutterstock

Carlo Ancelotti’s side got off to a good start and led 2-0 after 25 minutes thanks to goals from Asensio and Nacho, both thanks to assists from Kroos. But Madrid were scared minutes later, when a shot from Luis Suárez deflected Nacho and deceived goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, who dived to the left as the ball slowly crossed the goal line to his right.

Granada’s hopes of a return were short-lived, however, as Madrid regained the upper hand after the break and Vinícius increased their lead, finishing a fine team move that also involved Karim Benzema and Casemiro.

After Granada’s Monchu was sent off for an ugly tackle slipped on Vinícius, Mendy closed the scoring.

“It’s difficult to get back on track after an international break, but we are happy with our performance,” said Asensio. “We played a great game. We have a busy schedule until Christmas [eight games in 30 days] and we need more focus.

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]]> Chattanooga fashion show ends Sun, 21 Nov 2021 04:40:02 +0000

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – The Chattanooga Fashion Show concluded its 3-day event with a fashion show.

“It comes from different situations. Fun times and bad times in my life. I put a lot of my feelings in my heart in my collection.

Jimmy Young is a designer and he, along with other designers, presented several models on the runway.

“What I do as a wearable art design. So it’s a statement piece that you wouldn’t necessarily wear every day. A lot of my clothes incorporate physical things and materials that you wouldn’t necessarily use on the clothes. I underline it and create it in my creations.

The expo coordinator says it’s a magical time to get there after several months of work leading up to the expo.

“It’s powerful. I mean so powerful but I literally cried in my car. This event is very, very hard work. To see this happen in its entirety, I mean it’s literally mind blowing.

“A lot of us have 9-5 jobs but for a lot of us this is what we do this is how we make our money and when it all comes together with everyone who is involved everyone from different cultures, nationalities different origins ethnic groups all of us come together just to make the show what it is, a full Chattanooga fashion show.

She says the Chattanooga fashion community is unique in its diversity and family orientation.

“We have an extremely diverse crew here, you come here and you really feel like your family really feels love, you really feel welcome in space.”

]]> La Crosse County uses grant to reduce youth substance use Sat, 20 Nov 2021 19:31:48 +0000

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WEAU / WLAX) – La Crosse County is the recipient of a grant aimed at preventing drug and alcohol use by community youth.

According to the 2019 Wisconsin Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 16.5% of high school students reported having had their first drink of alcohol before the age of 13.

In addition, 29.8% of students reported having had at least one drink of alcohol in the 30 days preceding the survey.

In La Crosse County, the number of high school students who had a drink in the past 30 days was 21%, an increase from the 2017 Youth Risk Behavior Survey.

Rita Von Haden, prevention specialist at the Coulee Recovery Center, said these substance use trends have continued since these numbers were reported.

“We see a lot of it with alcohol, and unfortunately we hear more about young people with marijuana,” Von Haden said. “We are doing everything we can to try to target him.”

Different county organizations are working to reduce these numbers because of the long-term development impacts drugs and alcohol can have.

“It can reconnect the functioning of the brain,” said Von Haden. “As I tell the children, you can’t freeze it, you can’t rest it, relax it, then a few days it gets better, it’s definitely changed.”

That is why the County of La Crosse will use a grant of $ 625,000 to fight substance use among young people.

The Drug Free Communities grant was awarded to the county by the CDC’s Office of National Drug Control Policy.

County health educator Judi Zabel said strategies are being developed on how best to use the funds.

“You never want to do things to young people, you want to do things with them, so we want to create a youth coalition focused on alcohol and marijuana prevention,” Zabel explained.

The grant is an annual scholarship of $ 125,000 and can be renewed after five years.

The county will also work with the Alliance to HEAL Primary Prevention Working Group to coordinate activities through the grant.

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